What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Grooming Vacuum

Every dog owner has to have basic dog grooming essentials to take care of their pets. It is also important for every pet owner to know how to use these dog grooming essentials. Whether it is a brush for cleaning your dog’s coat, pet shampoo, or anything that keeps man’s best friend clean and happy. You should always make the right decision from the onset.

However, the focus of this blog post is on the things you should look out for when shopping for a dog grooming Vacuum. The big question is “what should you consider when shopping for a dog grooming vacuum?”

When you want to buy a dog grooming vacuum you should consider the following:

  • Your budget
  • Weight and height of your dog
  • Noisy vs. quiet vacuums
  • Design and ease of use
  • Suction power
  • Do I need a vacuum with a bag and filter

When you have purchased your dog vacuum you should not forget the following:

  • Familiarize your dog with the vacuum
  • Vacuum in a quiet and safe place
  • Have a routine
  • Always reward your dog for good behavior
What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Grooming Vacuum 1

Should you vacuum your dog?

First off, let’s start by answering a basic question. Is it ideal to vacuum your dog? The truth is that while it is becoming a popular trend, not every pet keeper does it. Vacuuming a dog is especially recommended if your best friend has a short to medium-sized coat. Most importantly, you should either do it during spring or fall when dogs tend to shed a lot of hair.

 If you do decide to vacuum your dog, another question you should consider asking yourself is will my dog accept vacuuming or be irritated by the sound of a vacuum cleaner? You’ll find answers to this and more as you read through this post.

When it comes to purchasing a vacuum for your dog, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. You do not want to walk into any pet care store and buy a gadget without factoring its suitability for a grooming task. If you are looking to make the right choice when shopping for a dog grooming vacuum, this post is for you. We will also explore among other things, important factors to consider when shopping for one.

Choosing a Dog Grooming Vacuum: Important Factors to Consider

For some homeowners who love pets, maintaining cleanliness in the house is often a daunting task. This is because regardless of how committed you are to ensuring the house is always clean and fresh, dog fur somehow ends up virtually everywhere.

From your pet’s house to sofas, kitchen, to floors, vacuuming the house becomes necessary. It gets worse if you are allergic to dog fur. If you are asking what do I have to know before I go ahead and buy a dog vacuum. Worry no more, we’ve done some research and a little homework for you. Make sure to take note of the following.

● Consider your Budget

The first thing you should consider when shopping for a dog grooming vacuum is your budget and how much you’re willing to part with. There are different types of pet grooming vacuums and they usually cost varying amounts of money. However, going for something cheap that would not deliver expected results or would not have value is not advisable.

If you do not want to spend too much money on a pet vacuum, it is not difficult to find a modest one that does an excellent job and equally comes, at modest and affordable prices. Often, the price comes with value, this means that you get more for your money. You should avoid a cheap dog grooming vacuum that could soon break down or outlive its optimal function.

What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Grooming Vacuum 2

● Weight and Height

Apart from cost, another important thing you should consider is the height and weight of the dog grooming vacuum. These gadgets come in different sizes and shapes. You must ask yourself if you can handle a heavy vacuum or if you would prefer a lighter one. And don’t forget the height, there’s also the question of if you want one with a fixed height or a vacuum with an adjustable height.

For purposes of rigorous cleaning, a dog grooming vacuum with an adjustable height is a preferred option by most dog owners. You may also want to consider purchasing one with an extension cord to make your work easier. Finally, when it comes to weight, we recommend something lightweight to make your work easier, enjoyable, comfortable, and flexible to move around.

● Noisy Vs. Quiet Vacuums

Naturally, vacuums, including those used to groom pets, produce noise that can be unsettling sometimes. And so you want to be conscious of the noise level the pet grooming vacuum produces. In any case, you may have to train your dog to get accustomed to the noise.

Alternatively, if you choose to vacuum broken hair/fur and dirt off your dog, consider buying special pet vacuum attachments that reduce noise. The attachments make it easy to vacuum.  You get to groom your dog and focus, it is hassle-free, you worry less about harming or scaring the pet.

● Design and Ease of Use

Another important factor to consider when shopping for a dog grooming vacuum is the design and the relative ease of use. When it comes to design, understand that these gadgets come in different shapes, and it often varies from model to model.

There is a catch when choosing the best brand of dog vacuums, the design has a huge influence on its ease of use. An ergonomic handle, noise reduction attachments, air outlets, and a good design should give you a great grooming experience. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Grooming Vacuum 3

● Suction Power

Depending on the model and power rating, vacuum cleaners for grooming pets have varying suction power ratings.

However, as opposed to vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors, carpets, and seats, you do not need a powerful vacuum cleaner to groom your dog. It means you should always consider ‘amp rating’ when placing a purchase order. Also, avoid attachments that would increase the suction power.

● Choose A Vacuum with A Bag and Filter

Like in vacuum cleaners that you may have used to clean your floor and seats, filters and bags are important attachments you must prioritize when shopping for the best vacuum for dog grooming. You do not want to vacuum your dog using a device that vents the fur of your dog on the floor or into the air. A filter and a bag are, therefore, vital attachments that guard against the mess that would happen in your living space when using a vacuum to groom your dog.

How to Use a Vacuum to Clean Your Dog

Now, with your new vacuum ready, the next question is how do you use it? The truth is that having a dog grooming vacuum is one thing but using it appropriately without scaring your pet is something that requires skill and an understanding of your dog’s behavior.

For novices, you should expect some challenges. However, if you follow the next couple of vacuuming tips, everything else should come easy.

 ● Familiarize your Dog with The Vacuum

The use of dog vacuums has become a popular trend among dog owners. Introducing grooming with a vacuum to your dog can be tricky.  You must understand that your dog might be uneasy and startled the first time you try to vacuum it.

Chances are your dog will become scared or even agitated if you try to force it to cooperate. The trick is to let your dog play with the gadget beforehand. Station it in a room or places that your dog is most likely to have access to the vacuum. Places like the kitchen, living room, and the pavement, for him to sniff.

● Vacuum in A Quiet and Safe Place

When it is time to groom your dog, do it in a quiet environment. Because vacuums produce so much noise, using it in a noisy environment is guaranteed to make your dog scared.  

Most importantly, do not vacuum continuously. Try to take breaks so that your dog can get some breathing space. Note that, most dogs have a habit of hiding in places they consider safe, especially when they perceive some kind of threat.

 Not only do you have to let your dog interact with the vacuum beforehand, but you also have to make sure the vacuum is used in a place your dog considers safe. A point of caution is that you should not power on the gadget or lock the room until your dog is comfortable.

● Have a Routine

Establishing a routine for vacuuming your dog is important, especially if you want it to get accustomed to the noise. Most importantly, never vacuum with the nozzle facing your dog lest he becomes agitated.  It should not only be a safe experience for the pet but also a relaxing routine.

What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Grooming Vacuum 4

● Always Reward Your Dog for Good Behavior

Dogs love rewards. And for a dog owner, rewarding good behavior makes your dog more obedient and predisposed to situations that would otherwise trigger aggression.

It is proven scientifically that rewarding dogs for good conduct produce positive behavioral reinforcement. At the end of the day, the ease of vacuuming your dog all depends on how well you have trained your dog. You can use any dog treats during the vacuuming process. Soon enough, the pet will grasp the concept behind such rewards, especially when you power on and use the vacuum cleaner.

Final Thoughts On Choosing Dog Grooming Vacuum

Sometimes bathing a dog is not necessary. You may, therefore, want to try vacuuming as a pet grooming alternative. For beginners, it can be a daunting task to get your pet to accept the new normal, even if you have the best dog grooming vacuum. You must also learn how to use the gadget without agitating your pet.

We believe this post has explored everything you need to know and practice when it comes to buying and using a dog grooming vacuum.

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