Shaving Too Much – Is There Such A Thing?

Shaving ranks high among a man’s daily grooming routines. However, even with many different ways of doing it such as waxing, using razors, or laser, people have been asking questions. For example, is there anything like shaving too much or too often? The truth is that some men consider routine hair removal a must-do or die. For others, hair growth on a man’s facial skin is the best definition of masculinity. The latter is a cliché of men who will steer clear of razors until it becomes very necessary.  

Shaving Too Much – Is There Such A Thing?

Yes, you can shave too much. But when you shave correctly this is no problem. Make sure you exfoliate and use good shaving cream. Always watch for signs that indicate over-shaving like skin irritation or your skin becoming tender.

Shaving Too often – Is There Such A Thing?

Yes, you can shave too often. How often you should shave depends from person to person. How often does your skin type allow it, and what method do you use. But the problem is more in shaving too much than too often.

Shaving Too Much - Is There Such A Thing? 1

Shaving too much, therefore, qualifies men who always want to get rid of every strand of hair on their skin. You could call them bald shavers who loathe beards and facial hair. The big question is where do you stand? Also, is there anything like shaving too much? Yes, there is excess shaving. Removing beards and every strand of facial hair to bare skin amounts to too much shaving, apart from being a razor addict! Men who do this will grab a razor at the slightest chance of sighting strands of hair on their facial skin.

However, if you just want to trim your beards and facial hair, that’s a different thing. Did you know that some men look great without facial hair, even though most studies show that women get more attracted to men with hair? Well, that’s a topic we will reserve for another blog post. Meanwhile, you would want to also ask, what are the consequences of excess shaving? Well, dive in with us as we explore this question and more in the next sections of this post.

Can you shave too much?

Yes, you can shave too much, and it’s still okay. However, you should bear in might possible contraindications that come with it. Let’s explain. When you shave too much and doing so correctly, there is little or nothing to worry about, save for mild soreness. We, therefore, emphasize the best practices for shaving correctly which include:

● Avoid sharing razors

Razors are personal items. When you share a shaving razor with another person, chances are high your skin will get exposed to bacteria. It would mean signs of shaving too much become excessively manifest. Worse even, you risk skin infections.

● Exfoliate

Shaving too much puts your skin at risk if you do it without exfoliating. It means you should use an exfoliator such as a body scrub to clear off dead skin before shaving. This way, razor cuts hair closer to roots of hair follicles giving them room for faster and healthy growth.

● Go with the grain

You can shave too much but when it takes place against the direction of growth, skin conditions become manifest.  You should also take a mirror and look at your hair to see how it lies on the skin. It is the direction towards which you should glide a shaving razor for the best results. Going the other way will disrupt your hair growth; pull off some in the process. It also causes bumps and irritation.

● Do not use one razor far too many times

Using one razor many shaves is ill-advised. It is a leading cause of skin irritation and razor bumps. So, what’s the best thing to do? Well, a good professional shaving razor should last you a week or say, up to a maximum of ten shaves.  Discard it and get a new replacement as soon as it becomes blunt.

● Use shaving creams/gels

You should also apply a shaving gel or cream on your skin before gliding a razor over it.  If there is none at your disposal, lukewarm water is always a great alternative. The reason for doing this is to reduce the possibility of forced gliding of a shaving blade.

Possible contraindications of too much shaving

Your skin is the most prominent indicator of everything happening in and outside your body. If you are shaving too much, it will give you a sign. But first, you will agree that people have different skin types. From normal, oily, flaky to sensitive skin, you should get acquainted with this information before gliding a razor over your skin.

Even for those who have become addicted to shaving every day, you should understand how your body reacts afterward. It helps you make the right decision regarding how often you should shave. 

Moreover, if it is your first time shaving facial hair, razor bumps and a bit of soreness will welcome you to the league of men. However, it should not be a cause for alarm, unless these signs keep reoccurring with every shave. You should also watch out for signs of irritation, in which case, you may have to switch to a different method of shaving to see if it works without contraindications.

Some common signs of over-shaving include but not limited to the following:

  • Skin irritation, often manifest as itchiness.
  • Bad regrowth is another sign to look for, which could mean shaving too much is damaging your hair follicles.
  • If your skin reddens or feels sore after shaving, it is probably because you are overdoing it.
  • In-grown hair is another sign of over-shaving, often causing bumps and pimple-like growths on the skin.
  • Tender after shaving: Does your skin become tender after shaving? If that’s the case, it could mean you are shaving too much.

You should note that not knowing how to shave well can also trigger the above signs, so always use the best razor or a recommended method when removing facial hair. Studies show that too much shaving causes the skin to lose its top layer, something that could trigger a breakout of undesirable skin conditions such as rashes and acne. Razors, quite often- maybe all the time-scrap off a layer of skin cells, leaving it exposed to dirt and germs.

The bottom line is that too much shaving is relative. For some, it is removing facial hair once, every day. Others do it every morning and evening because they hate to see anything like the hair on their skins. But always remember that when too much of something becomes dangerous, that’s when contractions become manifest. You will want to take a break or maybe explore alternative shaving methods that are more effective and do not leave traces of hairs afterward.

Can you shave too often?

Yes, you can shave too often. But what does it mean? Well, when it comes to shaving often, we are giving a more direct reference to the frequency of doing it. For most men, shaving too often means trimming facial hair and beards to look good.  It is a popular grooming method these days. So, you may want to ask, how often is too often?

Well, whether you choose to do it thrice every week or weekly, depending on the rate at which your hair grows, too often shouldn’t be too much. Among other reasons that should help you determine the frequency of doing so include:

● Skin Type: Does your skin allow it?

The first and most important consideration you should make is getting to know your skin type. If your skin is prone to razor bumps and burns, shaving a few days a week is ideal. It allows your skin to heal from the effects of the previous shaving.  Knowing whether your skin will allow or react badly to shaving too often means you must test it.

You will reckon that some skin types are very reactive to shaving razors and after-shaves. Thus, you should find out about yours before resorting to shaving too often. In particular, sensitive skin is such a type that reacts at the slightest touch of a shaving blade. From rashes to bumps, men with sensitive skin may have to explore other ways of removing facial hair and beards.

● Method of shaving

There are many methods of removing hair. Thus, you would want to pick on one that will not tempt you into shaving too much.  From using shaving blades, waxing to laser hair removal, choose a befitting method that restricts you to a few days a week or once every seven days.

Shaving too often is a great escape from shaving too much, especially for those who want to retain some hairs. On this premise, think about beard-styling as a hair-grooming practice that restricts you from shaving sparingly but often. For those with thick skin, you can do it every day without risking side effects. Remember to always have a habit of using shaving creams.

How often should you shave?

The history of men and beards epitomizes masculinity. It also lends credence to a practice that has thrived for ages. Beard styling, albeit, a lot has changed over the years. Today, many equate spotting a clean shave to donning a professionalism look. These are men who grab a shaving blade every day to cut off every strand of hair on their chins and faces.

However, when it comes to shaving too often, it boils down to one’s style and preference. Frequency of doing it could also depend on culture, season or job. The big question is what is the advantage of shaving too often? 

Well, you must have noted that after removing facial hair and beards, many a man always looks fresh and bright. It is because shaving often helps clear dead skin cells.  On the contrary, it may trigger contraindications. Scrapping off dead skin layers may leave your body exposed and vulnerable to diseases. You should, therefore, work with a shaving frequency that lets your skin heal. Now, premising your decision on the above reasons, you can settle any of the following frequencies:

● Shave everyday

Shaving every day means you love to spot a clean beard and facial shave. It is not always about a professional look. Style equally plays significance. Ever wondered if you shave in the evening before going to bed, the next day your beards are already growing? It explains why men who don’t like facial hair shave in the morning. When your body is resting overnight, hair grows faster than when you are out in the streets or workplace at day time. There may be a biological explanation for this, so let’s reserve that discussion for another day.

● Shaving every other day

Shaving every other day translates to doing so three or four times a week. But why would that be the case?  There are men whose facial hairs grow much slowly; hence they don’t have to run a blade over their facial skin every day. They can even go for three days without spotting a single hair strand emerging from the follicle.

Another explanation for shaving every other day is that it allows your skin to heal. It is particularly the case for men whose skin type cannot bear the brunt of shaving daily.

● Once every week

You can call it shaving weekly and still drive the point home. If weekly shaving is your way, there is probably a good explanation for it. From our end of the bargain, we would say, men who shave weekly either love to maintain short beard growth or shaving is the least of their priorities.

But for some reason, they often make sure to remove facial hair and beards. Their reason has a bearing with looking presentable. Thus, while you may not want to spend a few minutes every day or every other day shaving, a well-groomed man epitomizes masculinity.

Is there a problem with shaving every day?

Many men ask whether shaving every day is okay. The truth is that it is more of doing it too much than often.  You can shave daily. Most importantly, you should use the right devices that will not leave your skin with irritation.  

Because skin types vary from one person to another, always apply an ideal after-shave. If you choose to remove facial hair and beards every day, you also do not want to use dull razors or run them over shaving bumps. It could prove to be the cause of rashes and other skin infections.

Does shaving every day cause ingrown hairs?

First off, let’s begin by defining ingrown hair. There is always a real chance of having razor cuts after shaving. But that is not something about which to worry if it does not cause ingrown hairs. When cut hair bends back and starts growing from the beneath the skin, small, red pimple-like swellings become the result.

These are the ingrown hairs that often cause an itchy feeling.  Some ingrown hairs contain pus and can be painful. Moreover, the temptation of scratching your skin is often hanging in the air, especially when the itchiness becomes unbearable.  Thus, here is our big question: Does shaving everyday cause ingrown hairs?

Well, our answer to this question is relative because while shaving frequently is partly to blame, not entirely. People who have thick skin are more likely to have ingrown hairs, not to mention that dead skin cells that often block hair follicles are also a leading cause.

Getting rid of ingrown hair before and after daily shave

It is, indeed, the desire of every man to get rid of ingrown hair before and after shaving.  The big question is, how? Well, we sampled a few practical approaches such as:

● Exfoliate often

Skin exfoliation is all about removing dead cells, and most importantly, a subset of skin cleansing. It is an ideal way of dealing with ingrown hairs. When you clear off dead skin cells, you are less likely to end up with a problem of ingrown hair even if you shave daily. Exfoliation helps curb against obstruction to hair growth. There are lots of exfoliates, whether nature-bred and over the counter grooming products.

● Use a gel every time you shave

You should cultivate a habit of using shaving gels, which is another proven way of dealing with ingrown hairs. The catch here is that without a gel, dry-shaving will cause razor bumps and burns, putting you at risk of having ingrown hairs. After shaving, apply a good moisturizer.

● Steer clear of dull razors

While razors are not the holy grail of shaving these days, you should always use sharp ones. It means that men who shave every day should replace razors often because dull ones cause burns, bumps, and irritation. You already know that ingrown hair comes about as a result of the pulling or cutting off wrongly, hence the need to check the sharpness of your razor. Our advice is that you should replace shaving blades every week, or say.

Final Thoughts

Every man would want to look their best, whether clean-shaven or not. And when it comes to determining the frequency of trimming or shaving your beards and facial hair clean, you make the decision. However, you should always take into consideration, contraindications that come with doing so often and take appropriate precautionary measures. From using sharp blades, being consistent to always looking for new information on the right way to shave, it is our hope this post has given you a headstart going forward.

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