What to Consider When Choosing Dog Grooming Scissors

Whenever you go shopping, you need to try to find the most durable and reliable product. There are thousands of brands and each come with promises to benefit you more than the other. Don’t be confused, simply stick to the following instructions and you’ll be fine.

To find a grooming shear that fit your need and your dog you have to look at the following:

  • The size of the Dog Grooming Scissors
  • The type of Grooming Scissors
  • Your budget
  • The material of the Grooming Scissors
  • Professional Recommendations
  • Ergonomics
What to Consider When Choosing Dog Grooming Scissors 1

1. Best Size Dog Grooming Scissors

The ideal size of dog grooming scissors is between 6.69 inches for a thinning dog grooming scissors, 7 inches for a curved dog grooming scissors, and 5.1 inches to 6.1 inches for a straight dog grooming scissors.

2. Types of Dog Grooming Scissors

There are five different types of dog grooming scissors:

● Blender Dog Grooming Scissors:

You should consider choosing a blender dog grooming scissors if you own a Shih-Tsu or another similar breed. A blender dog grooming scissors have one serrated side and the other side smoothed like any pair of dog grooming scissors. A blender dog grooming scissors can lift the hair with a comb on a Shih-Tsu and cut the hair on the flat side.

● Chunker Dog Grooming Scissors:

You should consider choosing a chunker dog grooming scissors if you own a very heavy coated and long-haired dog. A chunker dog grooming scissors are used to model heavy curls quickly without causing major inequalities.

● Curved Dog Grooming Scissors:

These exist in different lengths, ranging from 4 inches to 10 inches. Although an expert groomer can certainly cut any shape with straight dog grooming scissors, even a curved line or a circle. Most beginners find it easier to use curved dog grooming shears. The top of the head, the tail of a poodle, or the angulation of a bichon can be cut much easier with a 5 inches, 6 inches to 8 inches curved dog grooming scissors. When the rounder or the more angulation is needed, the more the dog grooming shear should be bent. That is why dog grooming scissors with extra curved blades are commonly available both online and in stores today.

● Straight Dog Grooming Scissors:

There are 2 types of straight dog grooming scissors in the longer lengths:

  1. Narrow dog grooming scissors, suitable for the lightest or finest of coats, and
  2. Wider pair of dog grooming scissors, an 88-model or a Filipino-style, which is suitable for a heavy or rough coat such as bobtail, king poodle, Portuguese water dog, or cocker.

● Very small dog grooming scissors:

Such as the 4 inches are suitable for precision work around the feet, legs, and eyes. They can also be used to cut the tips of the ears of your dog. The smaller dog grooming scissors from 6 inches to 7 inches are suitable for small dogs or small surfaces. Especially for when cutting the inside of the hind legs of poodles for example. The 8 inches dog grooming scissors are used mostly on curly coats such as bichons, poodles, Lhasa puppies, etc.

● Thinning dog grooming scissors:

If you are a beginner you should consider choosing a pair of straight dog grooming scissors and a pair of thinning dog grooming scissors. A pair of thinning dog grooming scissors have serrated blades in the form of a comb. Beginners can easily thin out a coat that is too heavy. With a thinning dog grooming shear, it is possible to model the coat where needed. You can also thin out at the root to make the coat of your dog or pup seem thinner and flatter.

3. Affordability

Whenever you go shopping, the first and foremost thing you should consider is the cost of the product that you would like to buy. You are likely to choose the product that perfectly matches your budget. Usually, dog grooming scissors have competitive prices in the market.

Research your options, carefully choose the ones that are most affordable and cost-effective, and the ones that are backed by a long term warranty.

You should consider choosing such a dog grooming scissors that offer you at least 30 days money-back guarantee. If you invest your money in a product that may fail to satisfy you or your dog, you must have an option of a full refund.

4. The material of the Dog Grooming Scissors

You must consider choosing a dog grooming scissors that is made up of titanium coated stainless steel. You should choose dog grooming shears that are designed with blunt tips with a more polished surface. It is safe and not sharp. It reduces the risk of you cutting your dog or your hand. This way, you will not worry about accidentally poking your dog, especially when grooming sensitive areas like eyes.

5. Professional Recommendations

The professional dog groomers recommend that you choose a pair of dog grooming scissors that can always cut with or against the hair growth direction and have no markings. You must cut a few times and comb the loose hair from the coat of your dog or pup. Keep repeating this process until the desired result is obtained.

6. Ergonomics

You must consider choosing dog grooming scissors that are designed with maximum comfort to fit in your hand naturally and comfortably, not hurting your fingers after long time usage. You must choose the ones whose finger rings are detachable for larger finger use. It must have an anti-slip grip for easy and comfortable handling and control.

What’s A Dog Grooming Session?

A dog grooming session consists of the dog being bathed, brushed, clipped, trimmed, and dried. You must brush or comb out mats, knots, tangles, dirt, debris, detritus, and loose hair before the bath, making it easier to lather the dog with shampoo. You must also clean the dog’s ears to remove the build-up and check for signs of infection.

What do the Experts Say about Dog Grooming?

  • Lindsey Dicken, Master Groomer, Bichon Frise fancier says:“You need to be willing to put in the time to teach your dogs to accept grooming. If you can put your dog up on a countertop, touch his feet, and run a brush through his coat, it helps them to get used to being handled, and they learn to enjoy it. My dogs will jump up on the grooming tables themselves and hang out. They will look at me like, ‘Hey, it is my turn! Brush me.’’ If you make it enjoyable, it can be very relaxing for your dog. I am a pet groomer by trade, and I think the biggest thing that we tell our owners is brushing out the coat. It is the biggest favor you can do for your dog because they have to learn, first of all, that it is not a bad thing. Then, when they get to a groomer, they will not have to brush out 4 to 8 weeks of knots. That is not fun for the groomer or the dog. When an owner brushes their dog at home, it not only keeps the coat in good shape, it also gets the dog used to being handled and brushed. It makes the groomer’s job a lot easier, and it is more comfortable for the dog.”
  • Susan Hamil, Bloodhound Expert says: “Bloodhounds have an all-weather coat. They secrete sebum that naturally waterproofs their coats, so the water does not penetrate the hair, and they can shake it off. When washing your dog you do not want to remove the natural oils. So you must use a gentle shampoo on a routine basis. I also use a conditioner or a crème rinse. Before bath time, I brush out the dog’s coat to get the dead hair out. I prefer a rubber brush with individual bristles.”
  • Michelle Jones, Shih Tzu breeder and fancier says: “Understanding what your dog’s coat needs is very important. For example, Shih Tzus are well known for their long, flowing coats. Sometimes the stronger shampoos that are used to get Shih Tzus clean can dry their skin at the same time, so they typically need a conditioner after a bath to put the moisture back in. You must keep in mind, it is essential to use products that are made for dogs and not people because of the differences in pH balance.”

How to Groom a Dog with Dog Grooming Scissors?

1 Make Necessary Preparations

 You must clean your dog grooming scissors thoroughly every time you trim your dog. Especially amidst this COVID-19 pandemic. To sterilize your dog grooming scissors, you must spray or wipe them with a household disinfectant, like Lysol or Clorox, or you should dip them in boiling water for at least one minute.

2. Check out Your Dog Grooming Scissors

You must oil and sharpen your dog grooming scissors before use for a painless and stress-free grooming session. Dog grooming scissors oil and sharpeners are available wherever you buy your dog grooming scissors.

3. Untangle Hair before Trimming

You must use a regular dog grooming brush to make sure the coat is nice and even. If there are any knots, you must hold them gently with one hand and place the brush in your other hand. You must slowly, patiently, and gently brush them out to avoid hurting your dog.

4. Avoid Matting

You must make sure to trim enough in places that are prone to matting, such as the belly and tail.

5 Trim the Hair from Front to Back.

You must start with the straight dog grooming shears and begin cutting from the area at the top of your dog’s neck. You must slowly and carefully work your way down to the tail area, but don’t cut the tail hair yet. Then go back and trim the hair down the sides of your dog’s belly and legs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Dog Grooming Scissors

1. Is it safe to use dog grooming scissors to trim the hair inside the ears of my dog?

NO, professional pet groomers, vets, and pet shop owners advise you not to trim the hair inside the ears of any dog. You can purchase a plucking powder that they use to pull the hair from the ears of your dog, you must pull a few at a time not all at once. If you are too busy, unable to concentrate, too lazy or just rather prefer not to do this yourself, they would suggest calling your local dog groomer and ask if they would like to do it for you.

It should be a minimal charge of about $5 – $10 depending on how dirty your dog’s ears are and if they are infected or not.

2. My dog hates grooming with a pair of scissors, would it be better if I did not try this so often?

The opposite is normally the case. The more often a dog gets groomed with a pair of scissors the more he gets used to it and eventually, he will accept the process better. And if your dog is left too long without trimming his fur, there will be too much coat and many more tangles which in turn will take much longer and be much more uncomfortable for your dog to tolerate.

Professional groomers recommend dogs that dislike grooming with a pair of scissors. Try it out more often, in between baths as well as regular shaves and trims to keep things short and sweet.

3. Can I walk my dog before or after his grooming session?

Professional dog groomers always recommend that your dogs are given a little walk before they start grooming with a pair of scissors so that they can relax and expel their excess energy, however they do not recommend long walks for most dogs as this can cause your dog to be too tired to stand during his groom session. Once your dog is done grooming with a pair of scissors it is best to keep him at home until the following day, because the grooming process opens up the dogs’ pores and can temporarily leave your dogs slightly more susceptible to skin infections, so your dogs must be confined to your surrounding until the following morning. Most dogs are tired after their grooming sessions and appreciate a quiet and relaxed evening.

4.  I brush my dog regularly between grooms, how does he always end up with mats?

Most dogs are prone to matting up in certain areas of their coats, usually around their collars and harnesses, under arms and around their paws. These areas are often more difficult to groom properly and require extra care and time when grooming out. Using the right dog groom scissors is vital. Mats often occur when you use either the wrong technique or the wrong type of scissors.

5. Can I have my dog groomed in the winter season or will it get cold?

Many people think that dogs only need haircuts when the weather is warm, however, in the winter it is just as important to care for your dog’s coat and skin. Wet and muddy fur becomes matted easily. Matted coats don’t dry out properly causing dogs to get cold. Once a dog is matted the only option is to shave all the coat off, meaning the dog really will be cold.

If your dog lives indoors it is kinder to keep his coat reasonably short so that he does not overheat when the heating is on and if your dog is allowed to get dirty and not washed regularly then there is an increased risk of skin infections. If you are worried about your dog getting cold when out on walks it is far kinder and more effective to get them a coat that can be removed once they are back in the warm. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be wearing your winter coat inside the house and not being able to take it off.

Final remarks

To sum up this entire blog post, I would say that you must consider the seven things listed before choosing a dog grooming scissors. This guide will help you make a better and a well-informed decision by saving you from a lot of confusion and wastage of time.

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