How To Clean A Clogged Razor Blade- Step By Step Guide

If you want a smooth and silky appearance, shave! This is the oldest trick in the book to youthful and perfect skin. Some people have negative attitudes towards shaving because they use the wrong type of shaver or bad shaving cream. But if you found the perfect shaver for you, you need to clean it to keep it in optimal condition.

How To Clean A Clogged Razor Blade by following these steps:

  • Remove debris and buildup
  • Jolt the razor a couple of times
  • Use a brush
  • Dry the razor blade completely.
  • Sterilize the blade
  • Clean the razor blade in the dishwasher
  • Clean the razor regularly
  • Store your razor in a dry and clean place
  • Replace rusty blades
  • Buy a new razor if the current one is not working properly.
  • Deep Clean The Razor
How To Clean A Clogged Razor Blade- Step By Step Guide 1

If you want to start shaving, invest in a good shaver. Many brands manufacture shavers, so it is easy to find one. However, not all brands produce quality and effective shavers. In this article, we shall review the importance of cleaning your clogged shaver. We will also outline the major steps of cleaning a dirty razor. In fact, you will also learn how to maintain its cleanliness thereafter. 

What You Should Know

Moreover, just because a particular shaver is popular, that does not mean that it will do a good job. If you are unsure about the kind of shaver to buy, consult an expert. Alternatively, visit a barber a couple of times to know the kind of shaver he/she uses. It is also crucial that you know what works for you.

Don’t be one of those people who buy and use creams because they see their friends using them. Instead, take time to learn how your body responds to different products, and stick to those that work for you.

Remember, shaving can be disastrous when done the wrong way. On the flip side, it is heavenly when done properly. Some people specialize in shaving and are trusted to do the right job. If you are not confident that you can pull it off, go to a professional and hone your skills.

How to Clean your Razor in 11 Steps

Now that we have established the importance of shaving properly let us delve into how to clean your shaving razor. Your shaver is bound to clog with hair, skin cells, and debris after getting used repeatedly without cleaning.

Can you afford to neglect your shaver? Note, failure to clean your razor can result in injury or infection. More so, after shaving effects are severe if more than one person uses the razor. Users may get lazy when a razor is shared by many. Do you want to maintain cleanliness? Write a list of all the users and assign everyone a day to clean the razor. Below are the steps to help you clean your razor effectively.

1. Remove debris and buildup 

Start by removing debris and buildup before you do anything. Remove the blade and hold the head of the razor underwater for some time. The main focus is the back of the head, so ensure that water reaches there. The best way to remove debris is to direct water to the backside of the head.

Then, rotate the razor severally to remove the entire clog. However, you can get better results by using hot water to lose dry messes. Sometimes, a rinse is enough to clean your razor blade. Examine your razor carefully to know what it needs. If it is not working properly after a rinse, move to the next step.

2. Jolt the razor a couple of times

You may have tried everything, but nothing is working. Do not give up if you have not tapped the razor on a table or sink. Sometimes all you need to do is to ‘beat’ the razor. Jolt it a couple of times, and debris stuck underneath will come out.

However, do not use too much force as this can ruin the razor. Continue tapping the razor if you see debris falling on the sink. Tap and rinse the blade severally to clean the razor. Avoid using your hands to tap the blade. It is sharp, and you may end up with a cut. 

3. Use a brush

A brush is an essential accessory for cleaning your razor because there are spots that water cannot reach. If you have rinsed the razor, but it still has debris, use a razor brush to get them out. The bristles of the brush can get deep and clean inaccessible places.

You can find a razor brush in the supermarket or pharmacy. Make sure that you get a special razor brush, not the regular one. If you do not have one, use an old toothbrush to prick stubborn spots in the razor. Clean it first before using it on the razor blade. 

4. The razor blade should dry completely.

 Never be in a hurry to use a razor that you have just washed. This is doing a disservice to the blade because it will catch and hold dirt easily. Instead, let it dry completely before use.

If possible, have two razor blades so that when one is drying, you have another one to use. However, do not leave the razor blade in the sun for too long. Overexposure to moisture leads to rust, which is a health hazard. Moreover, it damages the blade. To speed up the drying process, dab the blade with a microfiber towel. 

5. Sterilize the blade

Sterilization is crucial because it protects users and preserves the blade. Thus, use alcohol for this process. Alcohol has anti-bacterial properties, which makes the blade safe for use. In addition, use pure alcohol to get the best results.

You can also use white vinegar in place of alcohol. Sterilizing your blade is an extra step that makes it safe and effective to use. Dip the blade in alcohol and let it soak for 10 minutes. If it has been a while since you cleaned your razor, let it soak for some more time.

Note; it is perfectly alright to soak the entire razor in alcohol. After that, dry your razor after removing if from alcohol. You do not have to rinse the blade after removing it from alcohol. Instead, shake off excess liquid and put it in an open area to dry. The good thing with alcohol is that it evaporates quickly and will not take long for the razor to dry. 

6. Clean the razor blade in the dishwasher

Here is a secret that no one told you- You can clean your razor blade in the dishwasher! Simply put in the silverware section and let the machine do its thing. The dishwasher will clean all the spots, and you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

7. Clean the razor regularly

How many times do you clean your shaver in a month? Many people assume that they only need to clean the razor once per month, and it will be in good condition. However, this is doing injustice to your blade. Form a habit of rinsing your blade after every use. This will get rid of hair and debris that stick in the blade easily.

Moreover, regularly cleaning increases the lifespan of a razor. If you have been wondering why you keep buying razors, there is the answer for you. Rinsing a blade barely takes ten seconds. Soak the blade in alcohol once per week to disinfect it. 

8. Store your razor in a dry and clean place

There is no point in cleaning your blade regularly only to keep it in a dirty environment. Keep your blade in a specific place to ensure easy access and maintenance. Your razor will last long if you form good habits and keep it clean.

Secondly, keep your blade in a place where it will not cause accidents. Be extra careful if you have children in the house. The best place to keep a razor blade is on top of a cabinet in a box. Never leave your razor on the edge of the sink because it might get into contact with bacteria and soap. Wipe the razor once you are done and keep it well. Humid places will make the blades rusty, and we don’t want that. 

9. Replace rusty blades

Do not hang on to rusty and dull blades. If you are a hoarder, this is not worth keeping. Rusty blades are unappealing, dysfunctional, and expose you to infection. Even if you do not have another blade to change, get rid of the old one. This way, you will have no excuse but to buy new ones. It helps to buy blades in advance.

Some people replace their blades every week because they cannot stand rusty-looking blades. You can join that bandwagon if you shave often. A rusty blade is difficult to work with. Such blades cause skin irritation, and you have to pull several times for it to work perfectly. By the time you are done, you will have bumps and irritated skin. Save yourself from that trouble by replacing your blades regularly. 

10. Buy a new razor if the current one is not working properly. 

After consistent use, your shaver undergoes a significant amount of wear as well as tear. Therefore, it is important to keep it clean to evade a bad shave. If you have cleaned your razor many times, but it is not working, consider getting a new one. The razor may be damaged, and you will be frustrated if you continue using it. 

11. Deep Clean The Razor

Sometimes rinsing and wiping the blade is not enough to keep it clean. You need to go the extra mile to keep your razor in good condition. Deep condition your razor with unique ingredients. Remove parts of the razor, wipe, and rinse them thoroughly. 

How To Maintain The Cleanliness Of A Razor

1. Always Rinse

Keep the razor without rinsing it. If you do not have time to wipe the blade, rinse it over a stream of water. Rinse it after three to four strokes of shaving to avoid bacteria buildup.

Most people assume this step and end up with ruin blades. If you wait for too long, the debris will clog the razor, and you will not get a smooth look. This is the first and the most important tip to follow if you want to maintain your razor. 

2. Use Hot Water

Water will remove all the debris from your razor and make it functional again. It works by loosening the mess and leaving your razor spackling clean.

Another tip is to allow the blade to heat up before use. A hot blade cuts hair better than a cold one. Moreover, it gives a sleek look without bumps. You could be doing everything right except using a cold blade. Employ this trick today and see what happens. Hot water helps not only your blade but also your skin. 

3. Always rinse your razor before use.

It does not matter whether you rinsed your blade the last time you used it. Rinsing it before use gets rid of any bacteria or debris that may have been left. Moreover, rinsing activates lubrication and gives you a smooth shave. Check behind the blades to ensure that it is rinsed properly. 

How To Clean A Clogged Razor Blade- Step By Step Guide 2

4. Do not share your razor. 

Don’t lend your razor to someone, regardless of the excuse they give you. There is no way a grownup will forget a razor they intend to use the next morning. It just does not happen. If it happens, there are shops everywhere, so there is no excuse for using someone’s razor.

If the person has a cut and an infection, he/she can transmit it to you. It is unsanitary to share razors. Many people would rather share a towel than a razor, it is that serious. You do not have to shave if you honestly forgot your razor at home. Do not risk your health over a perfect look.

If you are going to an event, you can go to the salon for a cut. Plus, you don’t need assurance that the person who could be using your shaver followed the recommended cleaning protocol. The result of such blunder is an infection. It could be minor or major. For that reason, just as you cannot share a toothbrush with your spouse or best friend, you should never share a shaver. Staph infections begin this way. It is not worth the risk.

5. Replace your razor blades regularly

Do not use one blade the entire year; it’s unsanitary. While there is no rule on when to change your blade, ten shaves are enough to get a new one. If it appears dull before ten days, replace it. Do not hold on to old, dull, and rusty blades.

Blades are affordable and accessible, so there is no excuse to use one blade. You know that a blade is dull when you feel discomfort whenever you shave. A new and sharp blade gives you a good cut and protects you from getting bumps and infections. 

6. Store your razor upright in a ventilated area 

Your razor should be stored in a ventilated area. Therefore, quit tucking your dirty and just used the shaver in a set within the shower. Rather, store it in upright and in the open area. You should also consider giving your blades sufficient ventilation needed to dry thoroughly. That way, they shall be free of germs.

Remember, moisture is a breeding docket for bacteria, a dry storage area minimizes that risk. We highly recommend that you purchase a razor stand. The rack has a holster for holding your badger brush. This is crucial in assisting it to dry. 

7. Store your blades between the shaves 

The excellent functionality of your shaver relies on your storage method. Because there are several methods of storage included, it is vital to consider selecting the best of them all. An excellent storage method should consist of placing your blade between the shaves to maintains its functionality.

To have a clean shave, you need to protect your blade. This is a full-time job that must always be attended, just like parenting. For that reason, you should acquire a blade cover made of plastic. This will shield your metal from the threats as well as germs in your gym bag. It also prevents it from exposure to fluid. However, when it is time to use it, you will always find a dry razor. With all that said, you should remember that moisture is the primary enemy here. Not only does it invite bacteria but rust as well. 

8. Make Good Use Of An Aftershave With Hazel

Shaving is rough on your skin. It does not matter how careful you try to be with your device. Even if you wet shave, it will still sting a little. Think about it: you are literally taking a sharp razor blade and gliding it on your skin. That is bound to generate some form of irritation or dry skin, right?

Even though the correct steps may have been followed to minimize the chances of developing these symptoms, you should take care of your skin immediately after shaving if you would like to prevent issues such as ingrown hairs and burns. We cannot stress it enough that having an excellent post-shave routine is one of the most important strategies for achieving this. Some of the best aftershaves you should consider getting are Thayers Witch Hazel and Swan Witch Toner. 

9. Incorporate An Excellent After-shave Routine

Have you ever pictured the image of a man standing in front of a mirror and splashing some ounces of aftershave on his chin down to the neck? There is nothing as iconic as that, right? At least to us, no! You actually get high marks in the world of razor hygiene when you incorporate a quality aftershave regimen. Thus, invest in a reliable one for that matter.

To cleanse and then sooth your skin, sprinkle some of it on the entire shaved area. This is especially if you have sensitive skin, prone to infections. As a final measure, spray your aftershave on the blade when you are done rinsing it. Allow it to settle for some seconds. This helps in killing bacteria. Before you store it, refer to point 2 of how to clean your razor. 

The Don’ts Of Maintaining The Cleanliness Of Your Razor  

The metal, as well as the wood combination of several straight razors in the industry, guarantees durability. However, if you clean it often by following the right procedures, you shall save time plus additional expenses.

You will also be making your shaving experience more rewarding. While this is not often stressed, it is essential because hygiene is a primary reason why most straight razors must be cleaned. A straight one, for that matter, can be a docket for harbouring diseases caused by bacteria on your skin. Let’s not forget that the skin is a reservoir of bacteria.

However, not every bacterium is harmful to the skin. In fact, Staph is the most common, and humans carry it without their knowledge. Others are such as fungus candida yeast, which majorly causes an athlete’s foot coupled with viruses that may cause herpes. To prevent your skin from developing such complications, you should learn the don’ts of cleaning and maintaining your clogged razor. 

1. Don’t Wet The Scales Of Your Razor 

 A straight shaver is a great investment. But, you also need to know how to maintain it, as discussed in the previous sections of this article. Unless you are cleaning one that has a straight metal handle, you are better off keeping the water away from its scales. That’s appended to the fact that the scales are made from different yet unique materials.

While some of them cannot tolerate excess moisture, some materials may end up absorbing that moisture. When that happens, it usually transfers it to the blade. When it gets to that point, it forms a major water spot on the shaver. This will result in rust. To successfully clean your blades, you need to use a moist cloth. It should also be clean and disinfected using an anti-bacterial antiseptic. 

2. Don’t Leave Your Razor On The Sink 

Leaving your shaver on the sink will soon catch up with you. Of course, rust will take hold of it instantly. This is because every time you use the sink, it becomes moisturized. Additionally, it will get into contact with the soap and any other form of detergent or scrub you have been using. Consider using a clean cloth to dry your shaver. Then, you can set it aside far from any moisturized area. Better yet, you could use just a blow-dryer to drain the moisture.  

How To Clean A Clogged Razor Blade- Step By Step Guide 3

3. Don’t Skip The Lubricating Bit Of Cleaning Your Clogged Razor 

Other than cleaning, lubrication is a crucial aspect of prolonging the life of your shaver. It is also a way forward in ensuring its optimal performance. Therefore, just as the engine of your car requires oil to lubricate the moving parts, so does the shaver you are using.

To provide you with a close, smooth shave, your electric blade needs oil lubrication, especially if you store it away for a long time. Oiling will play a role in maintaining its sharpness by protecting it from rust in humid environments. For the same reason, you should only lubricate your blades when you rest assured that it’s completely dried. Without which, the moisture trapped in the oily layer of your blade will only ensure that it becomes rusty. 

Additional Information 

As you use your shaver, you will realize that with time, it shall wear and tear. The foils of the blade will affect its performance. Therefore, in extreme cases, your blade can eat into the foils. This implies that you must replace it without a doubt.

Otherwise, your skin will be subjected to razor bumps. But, before you think of replacing that razor blade, you should initiate the cleaning processes outlined in this article. Nothing beats the smooth shave a clean razor can provide. Coupled with proper lubrication, you will acquire a close shave too. Another bonus to cleaning and lubricating is reduced generated heat. This often allows the user to utilize more strokes when shaving. 


Even your best electric shaver demands some tender care if it is to provide you with a close, comfy shave. Every time you have a wet shave, you definitely use shaving cream and antiseptic. These elements will end up forming a mixture of grains and hairs on the blade. The dirt can amass on the razor blades, thereby increasing some form of dullness. Before you think of throwing your razor away, it will be worth trying to brush them first then clean the blades by following the steps outlined above. With a clean razor blade, you will be able to protect your skin from infection caused by razor burns and other forms of microorganisms. You can explore various shaving products available in the market too. With that said, the tips above should assist you in gaining that close smooth shave.

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