Why is my Shaving Cream Not Coming Out?

If you are have been using a Shaving Cream Can, you will possibly have one question bothering you. Why is my shaving cream not coming out? Did you certainly reach the end of the can or is there additional cream inside the can? The same question sometimes comes up when you just purchase a new shaving cream. Even though there’s abundant shaving cream for more shaves in the can, all you hear is a fizzle of propellant and a recurrent squirt of air gush. Don’t freak out, this means your shaving cream can is clogged. This article will provide the necessary details about the things you need to know about your shaving cream can dispenser.

Why is my Shaving Cream Not Coming Out?

When your shaving cream does not come out, the nozzle will be clogged. There are several ways to unclog it. You can try to keep the can upside down and try to clear it. If that does not work make the can warmer, and try with a needle or toothpick to clear the nozzle.

Why is my Shaving Cream Not Coming Out? 1

Your Shaving Cream Can nozzle appears great until it becomes clogs, turning into extreme frustration. This occurs quite often because of the excessive dryness of the Shaving Cream Can. If you weren’t sensitive enough to clean up the nozzle of your Shaving Cream Can the last time you used it, it can be annoying when trying to unclog it.

You can try by turning the Shaving Cream Can under hot water and shake it every ten seconds in order to warm the entire content of the container. This will increase and compel the cream content making them pop out of the can. However, you can also take out the can cap with the nozzle facing upward, and leave it under warm running water for a few minutes.

Then, you can use a needle or toothpick to pinch out the clog in the can. If your Shaving Cream Can still remain clogged after performing this procedure, you can try putting the needle or toothpick into the nozzle hole. This will possibly do it.

On the other hand, to get a large amount out of shaving cream out of the can, it is best for you to shake it well before each use and let the foam inflate within the can while making use of it.

How the Shaving Cream Can Works

Shaving creams come in a spray can, tub, or tube. They are usually applied as lather, foam or gel. Shaving cream is applied to the face a few minutes before shaving to aid the relaxation of the hairs. The shaving cream is made to be well-matched with the skin and is made of oils, surfactants, soaps, alcohol or water. There is little variation in the types of ingredients present as there are only a few substitutions that can be made for each ingredient. What spaced out each various brands is the volume of each ingredient, as well as the replacements made. The shaving cream that comes in an aerosol can is essentially the same as the one that comes in a tube; it is basically canned with a propellant.

Given that the shaving cream is liquefied at room temperature, it is basically poured inside the aerosol can and sealed after being manufactured. The propellant, alternatively, is pumped under high pressure after the aerosol can is sealed. When the propellant is preserved under acceptable pressure, it doesn’t give space to expand into a gas. It stays as a liquid form provided the pressure is being sustained. When you purchase a new shaving cream and you open the valve, the pressure on the liquid propellant is instantly reduced. With a lesser amount of pressure, it can start to boil. When the particles break free, it develops a gas layer under the nozzle of the shaving cream can. This compelled gas layer pushes the liquid product, as well as some of the liquid propellant, up to the nozzle. Some Shaving Cream Cans have a ball bearing inside. If you shake the can very well, the speedy ball manner helps to muddle the propellant and the shaving cream, so the cream is pushed out in a fine mist.

When the lather gushes through the nozzle, the propellant quickly spread out into gas. In some Shaving Cream Cans, this action assists in atomizing the product, creating a very fine foam. The stability of your Shaving Cream Can nozzle depends on the following factors, including:

  • The chemical composition of the shaving cream and the propellant
  • The proportion of the shaving cream to the propellant
  • The force acting on the propellant
  • The shape and size of the nozzle valve system

How to Unclog your Shaving Cream Can

When your Shaving Cream Can nozzles are not cleaned appropriately after usage, several materials can accumulate on it. In the long run, these materials can clog the nozzle, making it completely useless. Shaving Cream Can nozzle blocked by dried material entails a lot of care. You can start by removing the nozzle from the can, then you can remove whatever is blocking the nozzle valve. If you are unable to remove the coarsened material, you can immerse the nozzle in mineral spirits for some hours. However, you can remove the nozzle from the fluid while putting on rubber gloves, and then thrusting a needle or toothpick through the hole in the nozzle to get rid of the material blocking it. Conversely, you can place the nozzle back on the shaving cream can and turn the can upside down, spraying the cream away from you. Once you have detached the clog, you can prevent future build-ups by cleaning the nozzle after each use. Here are some ways to clean up your shaving cream can after use:    

1. Cleaning the opening of shaving cream cans nozzle

After usage, it is very vital to clean the can nozzle’s opening with warm water. Before you go to extreme lengths to unclog your Shaving Cream Can nozzle, try removing the built-up lather residue with warm water. Moisten a fresh rag with clean, warm water and then wipe off the nozzle’s opening with the moist rag. While you may scoop out the released lather with a toothpick or needle, be aware that this is not universally recommended. Putting a harsh object in the nozzle may destroy the valve system.

2. Keep the nozzle clean

After you have finished your shaving masterpiece, it’s vital that you clean out the nozzle every single time. You can do this by spinning the can totally upside down and compelling the sprayer until the clear gas is discharged. When this occurs, it entails that all of the creams that were trapped in the nozzle has been properly removed, therefore letting only new streams of shaving cream to be liquidated on the next usage. However, if the warm water didn’t wash the lather off after use, you can clean the nozzle opening with solvent. Dip a clean rag into a solvent and wipe off the nozzle with the rag. Before you handle the solvent, always make use of protective gloves. You can remove the nozzle from the can before cleaning it with the solvent.

Prevent Future Clogs

After using a shaving cream can, always clear the nozzle of excess cream before you store it. After the Shaving Cream Can have released the clear gas, you will observe that there is some leftover on the outward part of the nozzle. To clear the nozzle:

  • Turn the can upside down. Press down on the nozzle until a clear mist comes out.
  • Soak the nozzle overnight in a solvent. Remove the clogged nozzle from the spray can. Place the nozzle in a small dish of thinner. Allow it to soak overnight.
  • The solvent should loosen the clog.
  • When you handle the solvent, put on protective gloves.
  • Remove the softened clog. Put on a pair of your protective gloves and remove the nozzle from the solvent. Rinse the nozzle underwater to clear out the softened clog.

After rinsing the nozzle, you may cautiously put in a needle into the nozzle to remove the clog. Please be mindful that using a needle may interfere with the nozzle’s valve or widen the valve. Apply an aerosol lubricant to the blocked nozzle. Push down the nozzle to compel the aerosol lubricant through it. Repeat until the clog is clear. If the can nozzle is still blocked, you can remove it from the aerosol grease and then spread the lubricant directly to the nozzle’s interior and exterior opening. Return the nozzle to the shaving cream can and try to propel the lubricant through it. It is necessary you repeat this process. Loosen the clog with hot water. Remove the nozzle from the can and hold it under hot water for a few minutes. Return the nozzle to the bottle and attempt to spray the shaving cream.

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