What To Consider When Choosing A Dog Grooming Dryer

Dogs need to be groomed quite often to keep their fur from tangling, matting, or skin irritation. If you don’t it can affect your dog’s health and well being. It is one of the practices that all dog owners should master, especially when you cannot take it to a groomer as often as possible. Having the right tools can have a positive impact on your business if you are into dog grooming services. You should invest in quality dog grooming products

When you are looking at a Dog grooming dryer you should look at the following:

  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Speed
  • The Ideal Nozzle
  • The Noise Level
  • Storage
  • Easy, Cleanable Air Filters
  • The Air Flow
  • How often do you want to use your dryer
  • Your budget
What To Consider When Choosing A Dog Grooming Dryer 1

If you are not sure that a dog grooming dryer is worth buying, we’ve got you covered. Below are the factors to help you find the best dog grooming dryer for you and your dog.


The most important aspect of looking for a dog grooming dryer is that it should be safe for your dog. Using a dog, or high-velocity dryer is very different than a human hairdryer.

Never use a human hair dryer on your dog as it can dry out the dogs skin and overheats the hair.

Human hair dryers rely on heat and evaporation to remove moisture from the hair, where high-velocity dog dryers blow the water off the hair. No heat is used, and if the dryer uses heat this is only to keep the dog comfortable.

The Durability of the dryer

The materials used to make a dog grooming dryer should be able to withstand the test of time. You do not want to keep replacing your dryers after a while. Avoid cheap metallic dryers, they are easily susceptible to rust. They are also less insulated and tend to amplify the sound of the motor; this could make your dog nervous and agitated during grooming sessions.

Additionally, make sure that it is resistant to impact. It means that in case something heavy falls on it, or if it slips from your hand, you will still have an intact dryer. This is a likely case if your dog is very curious and likes to interact with everything in its environment. It is recommended that you avoid dryers made of weak plastic because they break easily.

Don’t forget to check the battery and its life expectancy. If it is an electric dryer, find out the amount of energy it consumes. This helps you to know if you are investing in a long-lasting and durable machine.


The speed of the dryer matters a lot when looking for grooming dryers. If you have one breed, choose a single-speed dryer, but if you have many of them, a variable speed dryer is effective. It is also vital to consider the variation in the length of the fur coat. Find a dryer with variable speed since that helps you to finish the job without injuring your pets.

Note that buying dryers with variable speed is always a perfect option. Most of them are quiet when operating at a low speed, this keeps your pet relaxed. It also helps you to keep increasing the speed as you dry the dog. When your dog’s fur is not fully dry, it is susceptible to a couple of diseases, making it hard to have a healthy and shiny coat.

The Ideal Nozzle

The nozzle plays a massive role in the operation of your dog dryer. If there is high air pressure or excessive heat, it can break your dog’s nozzle. That is why you need to invest in a quality nozzle so that you don’t have to keep replacing. Since dog dryers are used for an extended period, they can easily get damaged. That is why looking for one made of quality materials is essential.

It should also be able to operate well while withstanding heat for as long as the dryer is running. A flimsy nozzle might melt when you are drying your dog, causing severe injuries. This is why investing in something quality could have a positive impact on the dog grooming and drying process. Besides the heat, make sure that the nozzle is sturdy. You will be pushing out air, and if the hose is not strong enough, it could either scare away your pet or cause serious injuries.

Noise Level

Honestly, no dryer can be entirely quiet. However, most brands have tried to make sure that the amount of noise produced by the air dryer is minimal. Unless you settle for substandard dog dryers, many understand how the dogs react. These firms ensure the dryer is not too noisy to avoid scaring your furry friend away when the dryer is running.

A lot of reputable brands use appropriate technology as a way of suppressing the noise. During your search, look for a dog dryer mentioning modern silencing technology. It means that they have reduced noise and that the dog will be comfortable when getting dried. Ensure you read the reviews to know which the best brands are and what makes their items exceptional.

During the purchase of your dog dryers, look for companies that offer something to lessen the noise. Some brands provide vibration pads, this could be an additional accessory for your dog’s dryer. Look for a dryer that balances durability with silence


Dryers come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. It means that you need to get one that fits in your space without struggling for a place to keep it. You can go for a handheld dryer, stand, mounted, or caged one but, you need to think about the storage. Handheld dryers are always a perfect option for many groomers. These products are easy to carry around as they come in different sizes.

If you are looking forward to buying one, then stand dog dryers are the perfect option. These gadgets are not only powerful but also easy to store. At first glance, you might not think that they are not easy to store because they seem bulky. All you need to do is spare some space in a corner where it will be stored, and that is it! It is also easy to keep handheld dryers if you have a small space. However, remember that they cannot be used on big dogs and are only effective on the small ones.

Easy, Cleanable Air Filters

Ideally, your dog’s dryers should be cleaned and maintained often. You will use the dryer often at the same location where you have just groomed your dog, meaning that the air will be full with hair and dustparticles. You have to consider the ease of cleaning the air filters, clogged air filters do not function properly. If the air filters are not effectively cleaned, and they become clogged, there are chances that your dog’s fur will not dry. It is also possible for dirty air filters to dispose of dirt particles onto the dog skin, which can cause skin irritation.

When purchasing a dog grooming dryer, ensure that the dryer’s air filters are easy to remove and clean. Cleaning is best done by dismantling the dryer and wiping it with a wet cloth. Ensure the machine is easy to detach and put back together. Complicated dog dryers might be hard to put back together. It could burn your dog if done wrongly.

Air Flow

When buying dog dryers, remember that they should not emit too much hot air. Ensure that it has enough air pressure. This is what mainly removes the water from the dog’s fur. A dog’s skin is more sensitive than that of humans, so their dryers would have adjustable airflow. You should be able to regulate the hot air flow from mild to relatively hot, depending on which body part you’re drying.

What To Consider When Choosing A Dog Grooming Dryer 2

For instance, the dog’s facial skin is the most sensitive of all the parts of the body. Use mild and comfortable heat compared to the rest of the body. That is the ideal way to avoid injuries and keep the dog safe. What is comfortable for you might not be the same case for your furry friend, so pay attention to how it reacts. Many dog dryers come with a manual to help you know the right temperatures to set when drying your dog.

How often do you want to use your dryer?

When you look for the right dog grooming dryer for you, there is a chance that you will come across many different designs. There are dryers that are more targeted at grooming professionals, and cheaper ones more targeted at occasional home usage. If you have only 1 dog and do not groom very often you will have a different need than when you have multiple dogs and more often have to groom them. What the ideal type is for you is difficult to say, also your budget can be a limiting factor. Settle for a type that makes it easy to groom your pet. Home dryers are meant to be lightweight, that way you can easily carry them around in case your pet cannot stay in one position.

Final Remarks

There are many dog dryers to buy, and each brand comes with its pros and cons. If you know the ideal things to look for, it gives you a clue on which brand is better than the other and at the same time meets your needs.

It is good to invest in a quality dryer, but most importantly, make sure its design is suitable for your furry friend. The factors discussed above can be used when choosing any model, and any brand of dog dryer’s so, make it your go-to guide before setting your foot in a pet’s products store. Take time to research and know what features are perfect. Also, look out for brands based on the reviews provided by other pet owners.

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