What is a woman razor extender?

A lot of women know the feeling, you want to shave your legs, but you have trouble bending. There can be various reasons for this like pregnancy, you had an operation, or you just have problems bending and reaching your leg. The same applies to shave your back. Of course, you can ask somebody to help you, but luckily there are also solutions for this that make shaving your legs much easier.

What is a woman razor extender?

A woman razor extender is a long plastic handle that can be snapped onto your regular razor with a little strip of Velcro to keep it secured snugly in place at the end of the long handle. It helps if you have problems bending during pregnancy, after a hip operation or another reason. It is also known as a giraffe razor extension handle because it is long like a giraffe’s neck. It is also called a back shaver.

What is a woman razor extender? 1

How to use a woman razor extender

How can a woman get a close shave if she cannot get close enough to shave? A woman razor extender is ideal for elderly women who suffer from neck, back or shoulder pain and cannot bend down to shave the lower parts of their legs. It is also used for shaving the hair in the middle of your back.

A woman razor extender is good for a mom-to-be who is in the second or third trimester of her gestation and cannot bend down comfortably. If you have, unfortunately, met an accident and undergone a hip replacement or knee replacement surgery and cannot walk around or bend too flexibly any more, a woman razor extender will help you shave your hair while you are seated in your shower chair. People with arthritis are not allowed to stay standing for too long and they cannot bend down either, this tiny godsent gadget can be a blessing in disguise for them.

If you are traveling in your RV or a cruise ship, or you live in a small condo and have no other place to shave in except for a small stand up shower, it decreases your flexibility and mobility. It is very difficult if not impossible to shave in such a place with a regular razor. In such a situation, you are unable to bend at your waist and overextend yourself or balance yourself on one foot, while propping the other leg on your sink, countertop, bench or brim of your bathtub.

These maneuvers are quite unsafe as they increase the probability of slipping, falling and sustaining an injury. Therefore if you are trying to shave your legs while recovering from a hip replacement or a knee replacement surgery, you might give up on shaving entirely. Otherwise, you will have to depend upon a nurse, a caretaker or your parents to shave your hair.

One best solution to address all of these unavoidable problems is to use a woman razor extender which is a fully adjustable, flexible, pliable, reliable, hygienic, rotatable, eco-friendly and wallet-friendly telescoping handle.

Features of a razor extender

A woman giraffe razor extender comes with three possible parts. A fully adjustable handle and 2 different head attachments for differently sized razors.

Its shortest setting is 15 3/16 inches and adjustable at 1″ inch intervals to 20 3/16″ inch is its longest. Both of these settings are the best for leg shaving, armpit shaving, and back shaving.

At about five inches from its top to bottom, near its pivot point, there are two buttons. These buttons can be depressed to fully adjust the angle of your razor. There are 4 settings, ranging from straight to a full ninety-degree bend.

Most of the giraffe razor extension handles will add a length of fifteen to twenty inches to your regular razor. And their articulating heads can rotate in four different angles:

  1. thirty degrees angle,
  2. forty-five degrees angle,
  3. ninety degrees angle and
  4. one hundred and eighty degrees angle.

They have a no-slip grip with a rubberized finish, which is perfect for the elderly women and those patients who have trembling fingers and face a lot of difficulty in grasping at wet things.

What is a woman razor extender? 2

This gadget is user-friendly as its buttons are quick to connect and release. It comes with 2 universal razor attachments: i) small and ii) large. Both of these attachments can perfectly accommodate all models of women’s and men’s premium disposable and reusable razors easily available in the market and online stores nowadays.

A woman razor extender is easy to store due to its space-saving design and a wrist lanyard, ideal for hanging it in your shower room, dressing room or storeroom. Its wrist lanyard will help you conveniently wear it around your arm for a comfortable retrieval.

Benefits of using a woman razor extender

There are nine major benefits of using a woman razor extender:

● Promotes health and hygiene:

It is very important to stay neat and clean after a hip replacement or knee replacement surgery by removing unwanted hair from hard-to-reach areas because they can lead to fatal infections.  Removing unwanted hair is very important for the health and hygiene of a pregnant woman and her baby. The growth rate of unwanted hair is much faster after menopause, so it requires extra care and attention to maintain the health and hygiene of elderly women.

● Convenience and comfort:

A woman razor extender is ideal for preventing yourself from straining your lower back, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, and hands. Its non-slip rubberized grip will help you grasp it firmly even in wet and soapy conditions.

Maintains your privacy:

Some women are too shy to depend on others to maintain their personal hygienic routine. A woman razor extender will help you accomplish all your private needs on your own without any exposures.

Time management:

If your razor keeps slipping from your hand and falling into the water in your bathtub again and again and you are forced to attempt a dozen strokes to shave the hair from a small part of your skin, the task you could complete within 5 minutes will take more than half an hour. A woman razor extender will save lots of your time and prevent you from getting late for work or your college/university.

● Independence:

Not all of us can afford to go to the salon and hire a professional barber for every simple task. If you invest a small amount of money to buy a woman razor extender, you can handle the shaving of hard to reach areas on your own for many years to come.


When you are using a woman razor extender you will not have to stand on one foot and balance yourself, or bend at your waist and over-expand your body. Therefore it will minimize the risk of falling and sustaining an injury, thus, making the task of shaving your hair 100% safe and secure.

Promotes positive self-image:

Unfortunately, we have some societal shame and disgust around women’s armpit hair, facial hair, and leg hair that when they remove it, they like their body parts better. And in doing so, they end up being more open and pleasant to their partners.

● Improves your physical appearance:

If you prefer to wear sleeveless tops to prevent your clothes from becoming sweaty and smelly,  the exposure of stray hair can probably make you upset. The use of a woman razor extender will broaden your options of wearing see-through clothing.

● Improves your conjugal relationships:

Data revealed that a huge forty-six percent of men prefer their wives to be completely hairless, thirty percent men like it neatly trimmed and twelve percent favor a landing strip and only six percent prefer a natural look.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it safe to bend forward during the second and third trimester of pregnancy?

No, it is not safe to bend forward as it will throw you off balance. You may sustain abdominal injuries. It can lead to placental abruption.

Bending forward results in a rush of blood to your head, making you feel dizzy and light-headed. The loss of balance is very dangerous in the last trimester of pregnancy for yourself and your baby. When a mom-to-be bends forward, the pressure is exerted on her stomach and can lead to acid reflux causing heartburn as the stomach acid flows back into her food pipe, leaving an unpleasant taste on her tongue, and a burning sensation in her esophagus.

Here are a few things to keep in mind: instead of bending your body forwards, spread your knees apart and squat down. When you are getting up from a bent position, make use of your hands, knees, and thighs. If you are trying to lift something heavy, position it under your belly to stay aligned with your center of gravity.

2. How to clean a reusable razor?

Rinse off your razor blade. Tap your razor against your sink or bathtub. Use a brush to dislodge the hair, dust, debris, and grease.

Make sure that your razor is completely dry before storing it away. You can accelerate the drying process to prevent rust and mold growth, by dabbing the blade with an absorbent microfiber towel or blasting it with your hairdryer on a low heat setting.


To sum up this blog post, I would say that, a woman razor extender is an ideal gift for your grandmother, wife or girlfriend. It will save tons of their time by simplifying the task of shaving their body hair.

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