Top 8 Reasons You Should Never Dry Shave

When it comes to shaving, men and women are often in the habit of applying some cream or lotion. This is usually a move towards making their skin soft or unblemished. If you are one of them, you have probably been caught in a situation where you are in a hurry and need to shave before leaving the house quickly.

Not using shaving soap, cream of water is called dry shaving. Normally an electric razor is used for dry shaving, and it is a faster way than traditional wet shaving

The most important reasons You Should Never Dry Shave are:

  1. Dry Shaving Will Shred Your Skin
  2. Irritation From The Drying Out
  3. Redness On Your Skin
  4. You will get Razor Bumps
  5. The Stinging Sensation Is Pretty Irritable
  6. Bringing Out The Dead Skin
  7. You will Get A Razor Burn
  8. Dry Shaving Is Not Thorough
Top 8 Reasons You Should Never Dry Shave 1

A lot of people that shave without any lotion or moisturizer will testify that they have different experiences. In this blog post, you will learn more about the basis of dry shaving, its pros, and cons. Most importantly, you will also learn more about why you should not dry shave.

Background Look On Dry Shaving

As earlier discussed, shaving is one of the most prominent ways through which men and women remove unwanted hair off their skin. It is not only convenient but cost-effective if compared with other methods of hair removal.

First, you can shave using the wet method. This method highly relies on lather as well as water to make the shaving process smoother and pretty much more manageable. But, if you’re pressed for time, then dry shaving will come in handy. That is shaving without using water as well as a lather.

What Is Dry Shaving?

Dry shaving requires you to use an electric shaver. Not only is it a quick shaving method but also reliable in many ways. These electric shavers used have always been designed to provide users with a quick dry shave.  Even so, you should understand that there are several pros to dry shaving. For instance, when you shave the hair on your face, rest assured, it shall be unnoticeable for a reasonable time. Another additional advantage of dry shaving is you will encounter lesser issues as compared to other forms of shaving.

Understanding Your Skin Type Before Anything

Before selecting a shaving method, you should understand your skin type. That way, you will choose a more helpful approach. By comprehending the skin type, you will also be able to garner various facts about which shaving method will be beneficial. People who decide to dry shave can do so for several reasons. But, two of the most common ones are its affordability and convenience. Apart from that, the method is cheaper compared to wet shaving. But, dry shaving has drawbacks as well.

Perhaps you have done it before. You may have checked into the office in good time. But, your face may look dry and pretty scaly, even after shaving. Rather than having that clean-cut look you wanted to achieve in the long run, you might end up looking like someone who has been nursing chickenpox. You could also be nursing bumps and cuts, coupled with irritated skin. To evade such issues the next time you shave, you should avoid dry shaving. In fact, you are better off walking to your work station with some gruff on your chin. Now that you have asked yourself if dry shaving is terrible for your face, here is the answer. Dry shaving has adverse impacts on your skin.

Top 8 Reasons You Should Never Dry Shave 2

Highlighting Disadvantages Of Dry Shaving

1. Dry Shaving Will Shred Your Skin

Dry shaving will obviously skip the most crucial step in a perfect shaving routine. This is preparation. As the name suggests, it is just dry shaving. This implies that you do not have to dampen your skin before you shave the hair, your razor will tear against your skin, thereby, shredding it in the long run.

At the same time, this will cause friction and irritation on the skin. Damp skin is critical to opening your pores. With that said, softer skin will allow the razor you are using to shave to glide over it quickly. This is a perfect strategy if you want to shave. You will be avoiding cuts but bruises too.

2. Irritation From The Drying Out

Dry shaving enhances skin irritation. If you are one of those individuals with sensitive skin, then you may need to think twice before you settle for this. Since you will not be using any form of lather to moisturize your skin, you will realize that dry shaving is pretty irritating.

If you have dry skin, you will obviously feel worse since it will not be as smooth as if you had shaved using a lather or a moisturizer. Unlike dry shaving, wet shaving will lubricate your skin. Therefore, the razor will easily slide over your skin. This makes shaving easier while preventing the nicks as well as cuts of friction. Failure to moisturize your skin will enhance dryness and irritation.

3. Redness On Your Skin

When you decide to dry shave, you should realize that the blade of your razor will be harmful to your skin. This is because it is not lubricated. Therefore, it may cause itchiness, coupled with redness post-shaving. Other than that, it can also result in ingrown hair. This can be painful in the long run. Besides, when dry shaving, you will even realize that the hair is too tough for ease in removal.

4. You, Will, Get Razor Bumps

Razor rashes, as well as bumps, are two words used interchangeably. However, they are considered to be situations acquired under different conditions. Razor rashes, also identified as burns, will always cause itchiness and tenderness on the skin. This may cause some form of a skin-coloured pimple. After dry shaving, you will also experience some irritation.

This is often known as razor bumps, which are ingrown hairs, usually caused by hair strands curling into your skin while growing under the surface too. In the long run, your razor, how you decide to shave, and your skin type are all factors that may easily cause burn as well as bumps.

5. The Stinging Sensation Is Pretty Irritable!

There is that burning as well as a stinging sensation after a dry shave. Of course, it is not a good feeling and also comes in different severity. Therefore, the sting may last up to a few days after shaving, depending on the severity. It may also come with bumps and other forms of blemishes.

One of the only ways to evade this is by dampening your skin before moisturizing it. Consider using a shaving cream too. By using shaving cream, you will be ensuring that your skin is significantly lubricated for shaving. At the same time, quality shaving products can assist you in moisturizing your skin. This will help in preventing dry skin.

6. Bringing Out The Dead Skin

Safety is always one of the first approaches to dry shaving. You should take precautions as well as utilize new blades. For that reason, you should not use a regular razor. But, since you are into dry shaving that can lead to a significant galore of cuts, you must consider incorporating strategies that would help you to moisturize your skin. For instance, you can use reliable shaving cream. At the same time, you can have an experienced person dry shave you. That way, you will rest assured of a clean cut.

7. You, Will, Get A Razor Burn 

Nothing is worse than a razor burn in the world of dry shaving. When you choose to go that way, you are instantly creating an excellent recipe for a wound. Dry shave also leaves your skin looking pale and tender. Once you have shaven, you will also realize that you have skin bumps. Even worse, using a dull blade increases razor burns.

8. Dry Shaving Is Not Thorough

Dry shaving will not provide you with a clean shave. In fact, when using a dry electric shaver, you may need to cut your hair more often so that it does not grow again after two days of shaving. It is even harder to get a silky smooth shave when you use an electric shaver.

Tips For Getting A Perfect Dry Shave

In case you’re one of those individuals suffering from ingrown hairs on razor bumps after a dry shave, then you need to learn how to achieve a smooth, perfect shave using a few techniques herein. Pre-shave and post-shave are some of the most crucial skincare routines to getting that smooth cut. With these skills, you can also rest assured that you shall not experience any form of nicks and cuts that may be left behind. To relieve irritation caused by dry shaving, here are a few leading tips you can incorporate before shaving.

1. Exfoliate

As different experts in skincare explain, with dry shaving, good things can always happen when you begin by exfoliating. Not only will the red bumps and acne lessen, but your skin will glow as well. Besides, shaving will be a little easier. For that reason, it is slightly for minor skin ailments and razor bumps.

With that said, in many cases, the skin on your face is usually sensitive compared to other parts of your body. This would mean that you need to incorporate a unique exfoliating technique to loosen the lingering skin. After that, make use of your fingers to scrub your skin in circular motions using an exfoliating cream.

2. Use An Electric Shaver

An electric shaver can either be a rotary shaver or blade. Usually, rotary shavers have unique, yet several spinning blades pivoted. That way, they can easily adjust to the angles of your skin. On the other hand, foil blades have a unique linear blade that quickly moves underneath the flat cover. Even with that said, it is essential to understand that some models are strictly made for men, while others are made for women. Both models are designed to shave perfectly for either gender.

3. Clean Your Face

As you develop a pre-shave routine, consider cleaning your face first. A clean face will assist your shaver to perform optimally. This is by removing any form of oil or dirt on your face. You can also use a gentle cleaner after shaving.

4. Ensure Your Face Is dry

It is vital to make sure that your face is dry before you shave. If you need the best results, your hair should also be rigid and dry. Several shaving products contain products that stiffen your hair in the long run. Even with that in mind, you should not use abrasive ingredients in shaving.

5. Use High-Quality Razor 

It should not be a surprise that if you aspire to have a great shave, you must implement the use of quality products. This is especially true for your razor blades. Disposables can slightly be a perfect option to select for your skin. However, a cheap razor blade could be poorly designed, leaving your skin irritated. Stainless steel, on the other hand, will offer you a closer shave. This is without shredding your skin in the process of shaving.

6. You Need A Shaving Brush

Also known as a shave brush, this is a small brush with a unique handle on the bristles. It comes in handy when applying a cleanser after dry shaving. You should like the fact that these brushes come in unique decorative shapes. Not only will you admire the antique handles but also love the ivory and gold materials they are made of.

While using a shave brush to wipe off hair and dirt from your skin may seem slightly over the top, there is a perfect reason why you should rely on the tool. For starters, it is one of the essential shaving tools for great results. The brush raises the hair for a smooth, close, shave. It also exfoliates dead skin.

7. Purchase The Best Trimmer

To achieve a perfect look after a dry shave, you need to use a quality trimmer. A good trimmer has a powerful motor coupled with sharp blades. It also has a cleaning system because the device functions correctly when it is clean and in perfect condition. Any time you think of dry shaving, consider cleaning your blades too. While for some people, it may seem like an enormous hassle, it is the surest way of getting that smooth cut.

8. Always Prepare Your Skin Ahead Of Dry Shaving

Of course, dry shaving must be totally dry, as the name suggests. While there are electric shavers that can easily handle wet shaving as well, you can accomplish a lot when your skin is dry. Making use of a pre-shave product can also be a great way of achieving that great look. Not only are some of the products made from vitamin E as the key ingredient but other natural healthy elements that will prevent irritation.

9. Check On The Impact Of Your Device’s Heat

Electric shavers get hot after some time of shaving. This is especially true if you have been running yours for some time. For that reason, you should not leave your motor on longer than the recommended time. As indicated on different manuals, you should handle the sensitive areas such as the neck first. Maintaining a trimmer through lubrication is also another way to reduce its heat.

Surviving The Horrors Of Dry Shaving

If your skin is sensitive, you must definitely dislike shaving since you know the result. Not only will your skin become irritated, but you will be stuck dealing with several issues, as previously highlighted in this blog post. If you have been there already, then you know how hard it is to struggle with dry, sensitive skin. It is thus crucial to understand these issues.

The Irritants Explained!

The typical rotary razor used in dry shaving has an inner spinning blade that often cuts into the stubble of the outer guard. Over the years, manufacturers have incorporated cutter modules that can easily be combined on various pivot points to create a perfect blade to follow through skin contours. Therefore, as you move the razor in a circular motion while shaving, the hairs are cut by the blade.

But, you can make the movement easier by gliding the razor around the problematic areas first. These areas are such as the neck and chin. But, however slow you try to slide the razor over your skin, with dry shaving, you will always experience some pain intensity.  That is why for you to cope with any horrors of dry shaving, here are some of the tips you should consider implementing: 

1. Do Not Use A Multi-Blade 

Typically, modern razors are causing more trouble than good. Every stroke of such a razor will run a blade on your skin. If you pass approximately seven blades, that leaves you with seven passes over a spot. This will irritate your dry skin. On the other hand, a single blade will be gentle to your skin. Believe it or not, just a pass will give you the desired result. Therefore, if you are into investing in a comfortable shave, coupled with reduced risks of getting bumps and red irritants on your face, you should go for a single blade.

2. Getting Rid Of Razor Burns

You have learned that razor burns are different skin conditions caused by dry shaving. They occur immediately after getting a shave. Razor bumps crop up a few weeks after shaving. Both skin irritants can cause redness. Since they are common, you should learn how to treat them. For starters, you can use a home remedy such as sweet almond oil and Aloe Vera. Both are known for their soothing abilities on burns.

3. You Must Have A Routine

Most guys have complained that they lack time to prepare for a perfect shave. This is understandable since it takes a significant amount of time to get ready. To make matters worse, some of us rush out of the house, thereby forgetting to shave and achieve that great look. To evade this, you should have a post-shave routine. It is essential first to rinse your face using warm water. After that, you can apply tissue paper to your cuts, followed by hand lotion.

4. Have A Cool Off Brand Of Antiseptic To Apply

By now, you know the little things you should avoid when dry shaving. But, you may not be aware of the bacteria you should also get rid of in the process. This should be food for thought- you just bought a blade and glided it on your skin. Perhaps it caused you some nicks and cuts. But, if there is a bacterium in the blades, it can lead to infection. That is why you should invest in quality antiseptic, which will neutralize the microorganisms.

5. Do Not Share Razors With Your Spouse Or Roomie

Most of us have spouses or, better yet, a roommate. When you think of shaving any part of your body, you may be tempted to grab their blade. Sharing razors should be a no-no since bacteria can easily be transferred from one person’s skin to the other. This can cause infection. To avoid sharing, always ensure that you have an extra shaving blade in your cabinet. You can also sterilize your blade before shaving. This is a precautionary measure.

Top 8 Reasons You Should Never Dry Shave 3

6. Do Not Dive Into The Pool

If you are about to dive into the pool, then shaving should be the last thought in your mind. You may be tempted to participate, but you must resist the urge. This is because chlorine is not gentle to the skin. Your shaven, open spores are not ready for its intensity. Perhaps you can consider shaving two days beforehand.

Additional Information

There are two significant types of shaving, namely dry and wet shaving. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Besides, there are certain factors you must consider before choosing one. They include skin type and convenience. As such, if you are an individual with sensitive skin, then both shaving methods will have some impacts on you. These effects can be positive or negative, depending on how careful you will be when shaving. Either way, you have probably noticed that your skin feels different every day. This implies that there are times when it is more sensitive than others.

Because of such reasons, you also need to learn more about how to incorporate a specific shaving method. To achieve this, you should avoid dry shaving.  You are better off walking out of your house with a beard than gliding a dull blade on your skin. And, of course, dry shaving is also bad for your face. Not only does it shred your skin but cause uncomfortable irritants too. It is all about a dull blade tearing your skin, thereby destroying it.

Which Shaving Method Should You Go For?

Both shaving methods have pros and drawbacks. Therefore, it is evident that while they are worth trying, every skin type is more reactive to dry shaving. To settle for that perfect shaving method, you should establish which shaving method your skin is more sensitive to.


Dry shaving cannot provide you with a shave closer to a smooth look. A dry shave will invariably irritate your skin. The more you slide the shaver on the upper surface, the worst it becomes. For that reason, you should learn how to achieve a perfect look after a dry shave. For example, if you use a manual razor for a dry shave, then the blade will increase your chances of becoming irritable. Shaving cream can improve your experience. To achieve this, you need to invest in quality brands. That way, you can easily prevent your skin from developing razor burns. If these are some of the recurring issues for you after shaving, then you need to evade them. How?  You may ask. You can begin by investing in invaluable products to wet shave.

Wet shaving involves applying a cream to your skin before shaving. The moisturizer will end up lubricating the area to be shaved, thereby making your work easier. Other than that, wet shaving has added advantages. It lowers the risks of causing skin irritation or cuts. Most likely, you will also not experience razor burns or redness. Perhaps one of the notable disadvantages of wet shaving is the increased cost of lubricant and the long hours you will take when shaving.

Another added advantage in favour of wet shaving is the fact that it can give you a closer shave coupled with a smoother result. For both sexes, a wet shave will provide a great close finish, primarily if you use a traditional brush and a quality prepped lather. If you happen to be a modern man or woman, then branded razors are in the market. They are also of different types. In addition to the state of technology incorporated in their manufacture, you should obviously achieve a perfect look without damaging your skin. Fresh blades make it easier for you to achieve that cut. Now that you have the facts of dry shaving, you should be in a position to choose a better shaving method for your skin.

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