How To Shear A Sheep With Electric Shears

When your sheeps’ coat is overdue for shearing, you expose your sheep to the risk of overheating or fatigue. That is why shearing is such a rewarding experience for you and your sheep if done right. However, you need to ensure that you know how to properly shear a sheep so that you do not stress your sheep or injure them. Figuring out the right way to shear a sheep will help you to get quality wool.

How To Shear A Sheep With Electric Shears:

If you are just beginning to learn how to shear using electric shears, the first step to take is to buy the right brand. Choosing the right electric shears requires the use of an ideal comb and a cutter. Sheep shearing is a daunting and physical job, you should be prepared for the task.

How To Shear A Sheep With Electric Shears 1

A reliable new pair of electric shears cost about $250-$500; make sure to carry out comparisons between brands before you settle for one. A good shear gives your sheep a proper shave and has you looking forward to the next session. However, you must learn to shear a sheep the right way with the use of electric shears, read on to know the best procedure to follow.

Control Of Your Sheep

One of the things you should do is take control of your sheep. You must be able to firmly support it so that it is easy to do the work without delay and much struggle. This ensures the job is completed without any of the parties getting injured. If you are right-handed, put your left thumb in the sheep’s mouth, just behind the incisor teeth. Your other hand should be on the right hip, then bend the sheep’s head to its right, as you twist the sheep to the inside of your right side. Then, gently lower the sheep to the ground so that you can start shearing.

The Process Of Shearing A Sheep

You can use the knees or feet to hold your sheep in the right position once you begin shaving. Below are the steps to follow during the process:

  1. Start shearing from the brisket, move towards the left shoulder region. As the sheep is still on its left side, trim its head then move to the neck region.
  2. Set your sheep on its rump and shear their shoulders and the entire left side. After that, you can move to the belly region and around its legs.
  3. Rotate the sheep slightly to gain access to the right side so that you reach the back flank, the backbone, and get to the left side of the crotch.
  4. Turn the sheep entirely on the right side then start with the neck moving down, then rotate it slowly back to the left side.
  5. Complete: After it is back to its left side, you should complete the shaving process by shearing its rump and then the right side of its crotch.

Some people love to shear their sheep from the belly then finish with the neck region. This is because the belly wool is mostly dirty, but the procedure described above will still give you good quality fleece.

Roll The Wool

Once shearing is done, remove the dirt and the less-valuable wool then roll your fleece. Any contaminated wool should be removed, including anyone that is colored or matted. After removing the contaminated wool, roll it with the fleece facing outwards as it makes it easy to transport for sale.

Tips How To Shear Your Sheep Like A Professional

● Make Long, Confident Blows

One of the ideal skills that most professional shearers have is confidence. That is why you should ensure your blows are steady and long. Two significant rules could help get the best blows:

  • Avoid second-guessing yourself when shearing the sheep, this might increase your chances of making mistakes.
  • Follow a rhythm as you use your electric shears. This helps you to move from one section to the next.

● Do Not Make Second Cuts

When you make the wrong cuts, you might be tempted to have a second cut to remove the wool. Such cuts cannot be included in your rolled fleece as they make the yarn fall easily.

● Stretch The Skin With The Non-Dominant Hand

If you want the shears to move quickly, use your less dominant hand to stretch the sheep’s skin before you shear it. Stretching the skin before shearing ensures that you can get fine wool, it is common for the sheep’s skin to be wrinkled.

● Understand Your Sheep

Every sheep is not the same, you must have this in mind when you shear them. Know which sheep are male or female, carefully navigate the teats of the female.

Whether the sheep are fat or skinny you must be able to maneuver the sheep to get to the wool. The sheep’s health is also a priority, healthy sheep produce a lot of lanolin. This wax-like product melts during the shearing process helping your shear cut through the wool since it is a natural lubricant. However, if the sheep are unhealthy, the lanolin is thick and clogs your electric shears, making it hard to shave the sheep.

Best Sheep Shears

The only way to ensure that you shave your sheep well is through the use of electric shears. Here are a few top brands that are known to do the job correctly.

● Ridgeyard Electric Shearing Clippers

It is one of those shears that you need in your home. With a capacity of 380 watts, it gives you a smooth cut and ensures you do not struggle to shave your sheep. It weighs about seven pounds, you can efficiently work without the machine slipping through your hands. It also runs at 2400 revolutions per minute, that’s a decent speed if you own a large flock of sheep. This makes it easy for the blades to penetrate through the sheep’s wool

How To Shear A Sheep With Electric Shears 2


  • It is sharp and durable, meaning you can use it for long.
  • It has adjustable blades that match the device’s thickness.


  • The instructions are hard to read because they are in a small manual print.

● Missyee Electric Sheep Shears

The electric shears run at 320 watts and do 2400 revolutions per minute. It weighs 5.95 pounds, which means that you do not have a struggle when you shear your sheep. These shears have a powerful engine and are very quiet, which means that you will shear your sheep without scaring them. Also, the engine never overheats even if you use it for a long time.

The blades are quite sharp, and you can easily adjust the pressure. The company guarantees a one year warranty and 30-days money-back policy after purchase. If you have any issues using this tool, the firm is always just a phone call or an email away.

How To Shear A Sheep With Electric Shears 3


  • The device has sharp blades, that make it easy to shave your sheep.
  • The powerful engine makes using the shear less tiresome
  • It is small and easy to carry around as you shear the sheep.


  • You have to buy lubrication oil, electric shears and oil are not sold together
  • The instructions are illegible as they come in a small manual.

● Yescom 380W Farm Electric Goat Clippers

These shears are made of nylon polymer and have a rubber handle, making it easy to hold. It has a ventilation system so you do not have to worry about your shears heating up.

How To Shear A Sheep With Electric Shears 4


  • The machine is quiet.
  • Due to its ergonomic rubber, you can easily handle the shears and ensure that you have a tight grip.
  • The cord is long enough for you to operate without hassle or entanglement
  • The rotation rate is high since it runs at 2500 rotation per minute.


  • It is quite heavy to hold these shears, and it becomes hard to shave your animal.

● Pet & Livestock Hq 380w Electric Sheep Shears

In case you have a huge flock of sheep, this is the best shear to use. It is useful for smooth and fast shearing. The best part is that these shears come as a set including; two sets of blades, screwdriver, a grooming head, two carbon brushes, a long power cord, and lubricating oil.

How To Shear A Sheep With Electric Shears 5


  • They are light to carry around.
  • The rotation rate is high, which makes it easy to run and shear the sheep.
  • It comes with lubricating oil, and that ensures you can easily maintain your shears.


  • It is easy for the blades to get dull fast.


Shearing is something you learn with time and perseverance. The procedure described in the post will help you get started until you get used to it. The trick is not in the pattern of the shear strokes, the trick is to find the right ways to keep your sheep calm.

You should put these sheep at ease and control of the animal without the use of force. Make it relax before you start working. Also, the shears you invest in must be the best in the stores if you want to have a clean cut. With time, you will find yourself doing a job as good as or even better than that professional shearer you’re so used to hiring.

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