Here’s how long a disposable razor should actually last!

A disposable razor as the name suggests is meant to be used for a few shaves until it loses its ability to properly shave your hair. While you might get more than one good shave out of your disposable razor you will eventually have to get a new one because a dull disposable razor can be harsh on your skin. So when exactly are you supposed to change your disposable razor and how long do they actually last?

How long does a disposable razor should last?

A disposable razor can be used until it becomes too dull and uncomfortable to shave with. You should expect a disposable razor to last from 3 to 8 shaves. High quality and more expensive disposable razors stay sharp even after multiple shaves, while cheap and low-quality ones start showing signs of dullness even after a single shave.

Here’s how long a disposable razor should actually last! 1

Everyone has different shaving habits and different types of hairs which makes it difficult to specify how long a disposable razor is going to last. If you thoroughly clean and dry a disposable razor after a shave it is going to stay sharp for longer compared to if you simply leave a razor wet and full of hair particles. In this article, we are going to let you know what factors determine how long a disposable razor is going to last and how you can make a disposable razor last longer.

How long should a disposable razor last?

As we previously mentioned, a disposable razor is going to last for an average of 5 shaves if it is a decent quality razor and not a really cheap one. With that being said there are a few factors that affect the useful life of a disposable razor which are as follows:


While the majority of the parts in a disposable razor are made out of plastic the blades are still metal and just like any other metal, these blades corrode if they remain wet for long periods of time. So if you leave a disposable razor wet after shaving then the moisture is going to start corroding it causing it to get dull faster. When the microscopic rust starts to build-up on the edge of the blades of a disposable razor it reduces the sharpness of the blade as the rust eats away on the thin edge of the blade. That is why if you just toss your disposable razor without giving it a good wipe first it will probably be dull by the time you try to use it again.

Shaving against the grain:

When it comes to shaving you can either shave along the direction of hair growth (with the grain) or against the direction of hair growth (against the grain). But the amount of abuse that shaving against the grain does to a blade is a lot more than while shaving with the grain. That is why shaving against the grain is going to make your disposable razor become dull faster because these deposable razor blades are not too durable in the first place and the added force of pulling hair against the grain dulls the already thin edge even faster.

Not cleaning the disposable razor after each shave:

Just like leaving the disposable razor wet causes it to corrode faster, not cleaning it after shaving also does the same. Just like any other metal, razor blades are also eaten away faster when they come in contact with salt. Because human skin has salt on it you are bound to get the salt from your skin on the blades of disposable razor speeding up the corrosion process.

Hair thickness and length:

It doesn’t come as a surprise that shaving thicker and denser hairs are going to wear down disposable razor blades a lot faster. That is the reason why the same disposable razor lasts longer for some people while it starts getting dull for some after one or two shaves. Especially men with really thick and full beards will find themselves going through disposable razors a lot faster because the blades of the razor will be working extra hard in order to cut thick hair as compared to when cutting thin less dense hair. Therefore it is best to invest in an electric or safety razor if you have thick hair since double-edged blades used in safety razors are more durable and therefore they are going to last longer than disposable razors or cartilages.

Ways to make a disposable razor last longer

Disposable razors don’t have to be as disposable as we think they are. If a disposable razor is properly taken care of it will maintain its sharpness for a longer period of time. Here are some ways you can make a disposable razor last longer:

Cleaning and drying the disposable razor after each shave:

If you simply take the time out to clean and dry out the disposable razor after you are done shaving, you can slow down the corrosion of the blades and prevent the blade’s edge from getting dull prematurely. In order to clean and dry a disposable razor you can follow the steps below:

Step 1:

When you are done with shaving, rinse the disposable razor off under running water to get rid of as much skin and hair particles as possible.

Step 2:

After rinsing the razor with water using an old toothbrush or a small brush to thoroughly scrub the blades of the disposable razor. This step will loosen up any salt and other particles that could cause the blades to corrode.

Step 3:

Now rinse the blades with water again to wash away the loose particles from the blade.

Step 4:

Finally, you will have to dry out the disposable razor properly to make sure that there isn’t any water left on the blades. The best way to dry a disposable razor out is to shake off as much water as possible from the razor and then tap it gently on a clean cloth to remove all the leftover water from the blades of the disposable razor.


Make sure that you don’t tap the blade end on the cloth because this can also result in blades getting dull due to friction with cloth fibers.


You can take a small amount of rubbing alcohol in a container and leave the shaving head of the disposable razor in the rubbing alcohol for a few seconds. Not only will alcohol remove any bacteria from the blades it will also evaporate any tiny water droplets from the blade.

By adding these simple steps to your post-shaving routine you can make your disposable razor last a lot longer and keep the blades from corrosion.

Resharpen the blades of disposable razor:

Disposable razor blades lose their sharpness over time because the edges of the blade get dull. But with some simple steps, you can resharpen the blades and make the disposable razor as good as new. Here is how you can resharpen the blades of disposable razors at home:

Step 1:

Take a pair of jeans that you don’t wear that often and lay it on a flat and hard surface. You will be using the jeans to strop the blades by moving the blades across the surface of the jeans.

Step 2:

Now move the blade upward on the surface of the jeans with the handle pointing downwards. Lift the razor up when moving the razor downwards and then move the razor upwards again. You will have to repeat this process at least 20 times.

The fabric of the jeans is going to sharpen the edges and straighten the edges of the blades up at the same time which will allow you to use the razor for a lot longer. You can strop a disposable razor after every couple of shaves to keep the blades straight and sharp.

Store your disposable razor properly:

Just like it is important to dry a razor out after using it you will also want to store it in a dry place because leaving a razor in a humid or moist place is going to corrode it even if you dried the razor properly before storing. You can either use a resealable plastic bag to store the razor in because it will keep the razor blades from coming in contact with moisture. Another great way to prevent rusting is to store the disposable razor after coating the blade in vegetable oils preferably olive oil. Since oil forms a layer on the surface of the blades it will stop the oxygen in the air from rusting the blades of the disposable razor.


While you will have to replace your disposable razor eventually when it is no longer giving you a proper shave it is possible to make a disposable razor last longer. Just remember to properly clean the disposable razor and store it using the methods explained above and you will be able to use your disposable razor for longer.

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