Do Synthetic Shaving Brushes Break-In?

Did you just purchase a new synthetic shaving brush and you are anxious about using it? Getting a new synthetic shaving brush can be exciting and overwhelming however, most synthetic brushes are a little stiff and bristly when you just got them and may seem uncomfortable to use. Which brings up the question, do synthetic brushes break-in? This article will give you a comprehensive insight into the synthetic brush.

Do Synthetic Shaving Brushes Break-In?

Synthetic shaving brushes do not break-in. They do not change their features drastically, but they can become more smooth and comfortable to use with time. This can take from a few weeks to some months, so give it some time to get your shaving brush fully soft and smooth.

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Synthetic shaving brushes are made with man-made synthetic fibers, materials that are responsible for its quick-drying, softness, and longevity. They are made to be durable and strong so they are always stiff when they are new. Synthetic brushes certainly help work up a lather and lift hairs away from the face so that the razor can get up close and personal, which greatly lessens the number of ingrown hairs.

How Long Does It Take a New Synthetic Shaving Brush to Become Soft and Smooth?

Synthetic shaving brushes become comfier with time as they do not change their in-made properties. The more you make use of it, the quicker the bristles become softer and spread out over time.  For each period you make use of a new synthetic shaving brush, it gets conditioned and will keep intensifying which lets it hold more water.  This is what turns into a more comfy and concentrated lather.

It generally takes at least a few weeks to some months to actually make a new synthetic shaving brush fully soft and smooth. However, this can be influenced by a lot of factors. High-quality shaving shampoos that contain sodium or potassium hydroxide will help soften up the brush bristles. Always, bear in mind that those low-cost aerosols canned ointments won’t add any significance. While the process is going on, the hairs on your shaving brush will begin to come loose and a few may fall out. Don’t be worried as this is completely normal. During this time, the bristles will start to feel softer when they are dry.

Show Your Synthetic Shaving Brush Some Patience

A good shaving brush is a vital function of wet shaving. However, when you get yourself a new synthetic shaving brush, it’s saddening it doesn’t relatively deliver the outcomes you were expecting initially. Nevertheless, if you stay patient it will improve over time because synthetic brushes are quality brushes. If you are patient enough and you make use of your new synthetic brush consistently, it will get soft and smooth over time. So, be well assured and keep utilizing it regularly and you will see a major improvement in due course. In the time being, take charge of the following process and your new synthetic brush will become smooth and soft with time. Your shaving brush still probably won’t quite be at its topmost performance, but you will see an obvious change.

With the intention of speeding up the process, you need to expose your synthetic brush bristles to lather for a long period of time. There are three main shaving products to load your synthetic brush; shaving cream from a tub, shaving cream from a squeeze tube and shaving soap from a puck. Filling your synthetic brush with shaving cream from a squeeze tube is certainly the most “responsive” for the brush, from the viewpoint of maintaining your new synthetic brush. Filling a brush with shaving cream from a tub could be done in the same way, by using a tool to take out a bit of cream and spread to the brush. A more likely method though is to fill from a soap puck or a cream tub, both in a related method, by using the synthetic brush directly on the shaving product in the container.  You can do this in the following steps;

  • Moisturize the shaving product (drop a little water in it and sap the water back).
  • Wet the brush completely with water then let the surplus drain out.
  • Press the top points of your brush into the shaving product faintly (just adequate to outspread the hairs) using round motions to get a really thick coat of shaving product onto your synthetic brush.
  • Forming lather can be prepared in an empty dish (or even the palm of the hand) or straight to the face.

You can start by massaging the synthetic brush into the empty dish or directly on your face using circular motions and compressing the brush down faintly.  After massaging for 30 seconds, it is required of you to dip the tip of the brush in water and repeat the same procedure.  It can take quite a few minutes for the lather to form on the synthetic brush too, depending on the mineral content of the water and type of product used. Whether you are building lather inside a bowl or directly to your face, you are seeking a glittery, slightly “loose” thickness with soft “peaks” (like a cake batter) without any fizzes.

Maintaining Your Synthetic Shaving Brush

No matter how thorough you clean, dry and store your synthetic brush, there’s a good chance it’ll start to appear worn out after a few months of regular usage. Instead of placing an unappealing and failing brush or abandoning it for a new one, there are quite a number of things you can do that can help sustain your synthetic shaving brush. Prior to utilizing your new synthetic shaving brush, it is very vital to wash well with soap and warm water. Basically, put in a dab of warm shampoo to the bowl where you create your lather, then make use of the brush after it has been run under warm water to beat the shampoo into a foam.

Subsequently, rub shampoo into the synthetic brush head with your hand, paying full attention not to stress the bristles. Clean with cold water ensuring all lathers and bubbles have been removed, then add extra shampoo to your shaving brush and repeat the procedure. Be sure to rinse it carefully once done.  After everyday use, wash the brush under warm and clean water. Squeeze out the remaining water before hanging the brush in its frame.

Do Synthetic Shaving Brushes Break-In? 2

Allow the brush to dry completely before putting it inside its holder to avoid any unwarranted damage to the bristles. A final quiver and flip of the brush and a gentle comb will finish the cleaning and straighten the bristle up. This process can be completed by adding conditioners to step up the procedure. Here is a step by step guide you can follow to maintain your shaving brush after usage:

Step 1: Rinse the Lather Off And Let The Bristles Dry

After your daily usage of your synthetic shaving brush, it is very vital to rinse off all the lather and bubbles and then let the brush bristle dry off. Although, it can take some time to get your shaving brush up to best-standard, doing this after every shave will strikingly improve the texture, softness, and lather-ability of your synthetic brush. Never tug or pull the bristles or try to dry your synthetic shaving brush using a blow dryer or heater. Leave your shaving brush outside in its frame to dry out or stand it on its holder.

Step 2: Place the Brush in a Shaving Brush Stand So That the Bristles Are Pointing Downwards

There has been a great deliberation on whether you should hang your brush from a holder or stand your brush on the handle. Some reason that hanging it lets the water ooze out without spoiling the knot. On the other hand, other people assert that standing it will let it dry due to the capillary action. However, the best technique is to lie it down flat with the aim of achieving both things. Conversely, whatsoever you select shouldn’t have much of a variance. You can decide to place the brush in a shaving brush stand or holder so that the bristles are facing downward. This extracts moisture away from its base and stimulates drying. Ensure your shaving brush holder is placed in a dry area and not in a compacted area to prevent mildew. However, it’s always best to store the synthetic brush in a dry area far away from the bathroom. Leaving the brush in a sealed, damp and closed environment may destroy the brush and prevent it from drying properly.

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Step 3: Make Sure You Don’t Damage the Handle

You do not want to endanger the handle of your synthetic brush to the same elements the bristle is facing as this could damage the handle. In essence, don’t expose the handle of your synthetic brush to hot water and lather if it is made from a material that could be damaged by long exposure on them. If you have an exclusive synthetic shaving brush with a striking handle that could be damaged, be very careful when you are cleaning and maintaining your shaving brush.

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