Can You Bring an Electric Razor in your Carry On?

One of the things you take with you in your carry on is your toothbrush and your shaver. When you use an electric shaver it is no option to purchase a new one at your location, as you could do with a through away safety razor. Carrying a safety razor on your carry on is not allowed, but what about an electric razor?

Can You Bring an Electric Razor in your Carry On?

Yes, you can bring an electric razor in your carry on bag on a commercial air flight. According to the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an electric razor is safe for an air flight due to its lack of sharpness. For other types of razors, the rules and regulations determine how to pack them for an air flight.

Can You Bring an Electric Razor in your Carry On? 1

An electric razor is allowed to be carried on board and in your checked baggage. Disposable razors and cartridges are also allowed to be carried on board and in your baggage. Safety razors and straight razors are not allowed to be carried in an air flight unless you remove the blade.

The batteries of your electric razors are also allowed to be carried both onboard and in your checked luggage. As the electric razors lack the sharp teeth, passengers are free to carry them on board but make sure you pack them carefully to protect them against any damage during the transit. The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows only 3.4 ounces for carrying aftershave lotions, shaving creams, and colognes.

There are reports from some air travelers who tell that their electric razors have turned on while in the baggage. This is why the experts recommend you to remove the batteries of your electric razors before packing them. Different types of batteries are allowed to be carried on a commercial air flight but you are not allowed to travel with a lithium metal battery that has more than two milligrams of lithium in it.

You must remember that different sizes of lithium-ion and lithium metal batteries are allowed only in your carry on and not in your checked baggage. The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not allow cans of compressed gas on board like shaving spray, bleach, chlorine, tear gas, and spray paint, with the exception of small compressed gas cartridges. Small aerosol cans are allowed to be carried on board.

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules for cosmetics:

As of 2013, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows most of the sharp items in your cosmetic bag to be brought on board. You can carry even scissors with pointed tips but remember the blade should not be longer than four inches. You must pack them to protect the baggage handlers and inspectors against injury.

Nail clippers and tweezers are also allowed to be brought on board. You can also carry a stick deodorant along with you in an air flight but the gel or spray deodorant is allowed only in a small quantity. There is a volume limitation for aerosol cans of 3.4 ounces,  that have liquid soap, hair spray, hair styling gel, toothpaste, mouthwash or shampoo in them.

Solid lip balm can also be carried but gel lip balm must be carried in a small quantity only. For blushes, powders, and lipsticks there is no specific weight limit. For liquid makeup, such as nail polish, liquid foundation, eyeliner, perfumes, lotions, etc, you must use resealable 3.4-ounce containers organized in a zipped resealable bag.

Carry On Size Limits:

Your bags or suitcases must fit within the airlines’ given baggage size regulations whether carried on or contained in a carry on bag so you can easily stow them in your overhead bin during the air flight. Most of the international airlines require that your carry on bag must not exceed forty-five linear inches, twenty-two inches in length, nine inches in height and fourteen inches in width. American Airlines allows you to carry only 50 pounds per passenger.

The weight limit for some liquid toiletries:

Most of the international airlines allow only a total of thirty-two ounces of liquid personal care products including aftershave lotions, bronzers, ointments, facial cleansers, makeup removers or nail polish removers. Remember that you cannot carry more than a total of thirty-two ounces of these liquid toiletries. The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA)  requires that your liquid makeup products be carried in one clear eight or seven-inch plastic, zipper-lock bag per passenger.

The personal care products must be taken out from your carry-on makeup bag and placed in a plastic bin for security personnel to check at the security checkpoint of the airport. Exceptions to these rules include the saline solution and medicinal eye drops, which can be carried on in larger quantities, if necessary, and do not need to be secured in a zipper-lock bag.

Is Carry On or Checked baggage better?

For most of the passengers, the answer is “both”. Depending upon the baggage allowance your airline allows you may want to take advantage of every inch even if you are traveling for a weekend. If you are flying abroad to stay there for a single day, or if you are too spendthrift and love to shop for all your needs after reaching the destination, the advantages of having less to lug may win out.

Whether you should check or carry on, depends on the following factors:

i) The comfort of carrying on and checked baggage:

If you place your electric razor in your carry on bag, it will allow you to shave during the air flight in case you had no chance to shave beforehand. You will also have access to your other valuable things and your worksheets on the laptop during the flight. You do not have to wait for the baggage claim after the landing.

On the other hand, checking in your huge and bulky bags means that you can just hand them over and get rid of them for a while instead of having to drag them through numerous security checks and through the rest of the airport. To get your bags checked in, you must arrive at the airport at least thirty minutes before your flight will take off. Make sure there is no fragile item like a tablet, laptop, glassware or ceramicware in your checked baggage.

ii) Set of restrictions:

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a set of stringent restrictions for your carry on baggage. Depending on the airline you choose to fly with, gate-checking an oversized bag can be subject to unavoidable fees. Planning ahead will spare you any unpleasant surprises.

What are some sharp accessories that you can carry on?

Electric razors, disposable razors, and their cartridges are permitted in your carry on luggage. Razor-type blades such as box cutters, safety razor blades, and utility knives are ONLY allowed in checked baggage. You cannot carry on sharp knives, daggers, trailing point curved blade, trailing-point knife, drop point blade, sheepsfoot point blade, spear point blade, clip point blade or straight point blade.

Most of the international airlines don’t allow you to carry on explosives, toxic chemicals, and sharp items like spear point blade, needlepoint blade, tanto blade or hawkbill blade.

How to save on extra baggage fees?

The best way to save on baggage fees is to pack the minimum possible stuff, but, unfortunately, that is not possible if you are traveling with an elderly passenger or a baby. For baby strollers and wheelchair users, you must contact your local hotel to check if they have these facilities. That way you don’t need to carry your own baby strollers or wheelchair.

If you are traveling with a patient or a disabled person, you will have to carry a folding collapsible shower chair with you. Carry the portable models that can be folded up to fit into a suitcase helping you avoid any extra special items fees.

Most of the international airlines will stow wheelchairs and scooters free of charge in the hold, but it is wise to reach out to them ahead of time to confirm it, especially because some necessary preparations will need to be made. If you use an electric wheelchair, make sure you notify the airline at the time of booking as the battery may need special storage during the air flight.

Baby car seats are allowed to be carried on board, but they must be Federal Aviation Administration approved. If you don’t want to carry on the baby car seat, it is recommended to carry it in a duffel bag so it does not get dirty. With both baby car seats and baby strollers, smaller is always much better to travel with.


There is a lot of confusion as to what types of razors are OK to pack in your carry-on baggage.

  • Safety Razors: As the razor blades are so easy to remove, safety razors are not permitted in your carry-on luggage with the blade on. They are fine to pack in your carry-on without the blade. The blades must be stored in your checked luggage. The same applies to straight razors.
  • Disposable Razors: Disposable razors come in two types. The type that is completely disposable, and the type where you replace them with cartridges. These are permissible in carry-on luggage with the blade and replacement cartridges.
  • Electric Razors: Electric razors are permitted in both checked and carry on bags.  

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