Can I use an electric razor in the shower?

A lot of people know that shaving in the shower is a good idea. Your facial hair becomes softer and it is easier to cut when it absorbs water. And the moisture also helps with irritated skin and razor burns. But what if you have an electric razor?

Can I use an electric razor in the shower?

Yes, some more recent cordless electric models can be used in the shower. Check your manual or the manufacture website if this is the case. Make sure that the shaver is not used in the shower when plugged into an electric outlet.

Can I use an electric razor in the shower? 1

In this blog post, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of shaving in the shower using an electric razor. I will also discuss a few tips and tricks.

Wet versus dry shaving

Wet shaving versus dry shaving debate is one of the most controversial matters for many decades, among the shaving enthusiasts.

Should I use an electric razor in the wet shower room? is the question that people have struggled with since the invention of the very first electric razor on the surface of the earth. Human beings have been removing their facial and body hair for many, many, centuries, and they have been using different methods for this. For modern men and women, shaving their hair is at the heart of grooming their physical appearance and personality.

For thousands of men and women around the globe, living whether in metropolitan cities, countryside towns or far-flung villages, an electric razor acts as a key that unlocks a fresh day. Shaving unwanted hair is the most important aspect of personal hygiene. I will cut through the mystery as you scroll on.

Safety concerns related to the use of electric razors in a wet shower room

“Shower rooms are the most dangerous rooms in the homes because of the large number of appliances used and multiple water sources present,” said Rick Coons, CEO at Indiana Electric Cooperatives. “Not following proper rules regarding electricity can lead to serious injury or even death.” Water, even just a small amount from damp skin after a shower, reduces your body’s resistance to electricity and therefore increases the risk of electric shock, Coons said.

How does an electric razor work?

Your hair gets inside the perforated opening in the electric razor, which gets shaved when they meet the razor’s moving blade. When using an electric razor, your facial hair is cut between a pair of oscillating blades like the action of a scissor, which is very convenient and comfortable. When the blade comes in contact with your hair, it lifts your hair upwards from its follicle before shaving it off.

Electric razors use your skin’s elasticity for longer shaving results. The movement of an electric razor is similar to that of a ship creating a bow wave. It firmly presses down on your skin and moves it, as a result, your hair becomes much more exposed to the holes of the foil.

What do the experts say about the waterproof electric razors?

“There was a time when electric razors would burn the skin and not get a very close shave, but that time has long passed. Modern electric razors are great,” said Chad Beightol, the owner of men’s grooming boutique Consigliere in the East Village.

 “I swear by the waterproof triple head models,” said Beightol. “They get as close a shave as a safety razor without that scraped-skin feeling. An electric foil razor is most effective if you use it regularly, daily to every three days,” says Beightol, whereas an electric rotary razor “gets a very close shave and can be used when you have up to seven to ten days of growth.”

“I love waterproof electric razor: It is lightweight, feels good in the hand, and catches hairs on the first pass with hardly any effort,” wrote Jason Chen, former Strategist deputy editor. “The flexible head ones tend to be more expensive,” notes Chad Beightol, but they “let you shave around the chin and around the neck more easily.”

Master Barber Karac Rulea of Mott NYC said: “A waterproof electric razor gives you a super-close shave without any razor burn. It is light, durable, inexpensive and does not require a frequent charge.”

Master Barber Angelo Ruscetta of American Haircuts in Kennesaw, Georgia said: “An electric waterproof razor is the cream of the crop, it shaves almost as close as a [straight] razor,” and when he uses it, “I can not feel any stubble.” It is, of course, quite pricey, but it is worth noting that this razor is packed with features like an automatic self-cleaning base. The ability to disinfect between uses is especially important to men who shave their heads, so it is a great choice for anyone going for the cue-ball look, according to Ruscetta.

“A lot of barbers who don’t know how to shave with a straight razor use it on clients’ faces,” he said. Celebrity groomer Marissa Machado said: “an electric waterproof razor is a good choice for minimizing irritation. For men with coarse hair, I think using an electric razor is a way to prevent razor bumps,” she said.

“Once you charge the handle and turn on the power, the blade’s rapid movements cut nearly as close as a regular disposable blade, but without any fear of bleeding or ingrown hairs,” said Kurt Soller. In addition to being a great tool for styling facial hair (long or short), Soller notes that it is also great for traveling.

Rafael Tadgieve, the owner of Rafael’s Barbershop Vintage in the East Village said: “a waterproof electric razor is small and easy to clean unlike some of the bulkier and more advanced razors out there.” He prefers the corded version because it has a little “more power.”

Why is it important to take a shower before shaving?

A hot shower is recommended before a shave because it will prime the hair for the shave. The warm water will open up your pores, making the hair softer and easier to cut. It will help you get rid of excessive oil, dead skin, and dirt.

Always make the necessary preparations before planning to shave in the shower using an electric razor. You must wash your facial skin and neck using an exfoliating or cleansing gel using plenty of hot water. The steam while showering causes the pores in your facial skin to relax and open up.

You must never use a spray can shaving cream as its lubricating and moisturizing properties are poor. They have harmful chemicals like alcohol, paraffin, perfume, and preservatives in them which can irritate your skin. A good shaving cream will condition, hydrate and soothe your skin.

Can I use an electric razor in the shower? 2

Good shaving cream has ingredients that act on the tough outer layer of the hair called the cuticle, causing it to swell and absorb water. Flaky skin is prone to razor burns and irritations.

With waterproof electric razors, you do not need that cushioning effect of the lather because there is no razor blade touching your skin. In fact, using too much lather will have a negative impact on your results. If the lather does not have enough water, it will just clog your waterproof electric razor and you will only end up smearing it all over your face and it will create a barrier between the electric razor and your skin.

What are some necessary preparations before a wet shave using an electric razor?

Take a soft shaving cream that comes in a tube. Wet the palms of your hands and take an almond-sized dollop of the shaving cream in it. You don’t need a shaving brush to build up the lather.

Add a drop of water to the cream and rub your palms against each other vigorously. After 30 seconds you will get a thin creamy lather. Massage it into your facial hair, rubbing against the grain of your hair and lifting the stubble upwards.

After the application of the lather, you must wait for at least two to five minutes before shaving with an electric razor. If the lather gets too dry during this time, wet the palms of your hands and run them across your beard. Use your free hand to determine the direction of your beard growth.

Remember that your pores will start closing up right after you are done showering so pick up your electric razor without delay.

Shaving in the shower versus shaving at the sink:

You can save a lot of time when you shave and shower at once. Electric razors that are water-resistant and can be used under wet conditions are best for the shower, as compared to using the cartridge razors or the straight razors as they can be difficult to use due to the other things needed such as the shaving brush, lather bowl, pre-shave soap, etc.

It takes only 15 to 30 minutes to shave at your sink. It is particularly good for those who want to save water. If you like dry shaving, the sink shave is the best option to stand in front of your mirror and rinse off the head of your electric razor.


To sum up this blog post, YES, you can use an electric razor in the shower. Remember that a cordless unit is much safer than a corded one. If you are using a corded electric razor make sure the cord stays away from water.

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