Are electric razors good for shaving legs?

In this blog post, I will share my personal experience with electric razors. I have used electric razors to shave my legs for the last ten years. 

Are electric razors good for shaving legs?

Yes, most electric razors are good to shave your legs. Electric razors will save you time, they are completely safe, and they will not leave any burns, bumps, cuts, nicks, or irritation on your legs. And they will be cheaper in the end.

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Please keep reading to find out more about the goodness of electric razors when it comes to shaving your legs. 

Electric razors help you save a lot of time

Unlike the traditional manual razor which you cannot use anywhere except in front of the sink in your washroom, electric razors can be used anywhere and everywhere with an electric outlet. Most modern electric razors come with a rechargeable battery making them more portable and travel-friendly. Grab an electric razor and add it to your beauty arsenal to get an instant leg shave. 

One of the main appeals of the electric razor is that you can shave your legs anytime and anywhere. Shaving the legs is part of most women’s daily shower routine. On average, every woman spends at least twenty minutes daily on her grooming routine.

Shaving the hair on the legs is too time-consuming if you use manual razors. A lot of time is consumed in lathering before a shave. Moreover, there is a continual need to wash the razor after every stroke.

An electric razor provides you with speed. You don’t have to do any lathering or prep work. Moreover, you don’t have to go with the grain, which saves half of your time daily.

Electric razors help you save a lot of money

Traditional manual razors tend to be really expensive as compared to modern electric razors. With manual ones, you must use shaving cream, lots of water and soap afterward, while with electric ones you save a lot of money off these two additional products. Manual razors are not reusable and need replacement every week while electric ones have a really long-lasting lifespan. 

Most people use at least four shaving products every day. They spend $8 to $16 on these shaving products per month, which is $140 per year. When you buy a manual razor worth $8 and keep replacing it weekly, you will have to spend at least $110 a year on manual razors alone.

An electric razor is a wise investment for long term use. They have a price range between $40 to $240. If well maintained, they will continue to serve you for up to seven years, which means saving a lot of money.

Moreover, you don’t have to rush to a professional beautician and pay for the services, when you own a good electric razor for shaving your legs. An electric razor leaves a really smooth and silky skin, which can also help you save money off lotions or moisturizers.

Electric razors have a safe design

Every electric razor has a set of rotating or oscillating blades. The blades are held together behind a foil or a thin metal screen. There are two different types of electric razors, foil and rotary.

Both of these types use a foil that stays in contact with the skin on your legs. While a cutting blade keeps moving beneath it. The only difference between these two types of electric razors is the movement of the blade. The rotary system has a circular movement, while the foil system has a linear movement.

Are electric razors good for shaving legs? 2

The foil helps keep the skin on your legs safe and free of bleeding cuts, nicks or irritation. The foil is responsible for preventing the blades from coming in direct contact with the skin on your legs. The foil makes the electric razor the safest and fastest tool to get a healthy and hygienic leg shave.

It is really necessary to buy yourself a personal electric razor, to maintain a healthy and hygienic skin. As the tools in a public spa are not always sterilized, they can transmit life-threatening diseases like Hepatitis. You must always cover your electric razor after every shave and store it in a dry, clean place.

“It’s safe to shave your legs, bikini area, and armpits every day if necessary,” says Francesca Fusco, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist. “It’s not unhealthy, it just needs to be done properly.” “One should not shave over a sore,” advises Dr. Fusco. “And never shave over the skin that appears infected or rashy.”

Electric razors help groom the overall beauty of your legs

When using an electric razor to shave your legs, you will get closeness and shave longevity. Long and straight movements of the razor along the front, sides, and back of your legs, render optimal results. Moreover, you can easily remove the hair completely from hard to reach areas like behind your knees or around your ankles. 

You will not see any ‘remaining hair’ after the shave. Hairless legs look attractive and appealing. I think to fit in socially, hairless legs can give you more confidence.

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Electric razors have a long-lasting lifespan in contrast to manual razors

The lifespan of your electric razor depends directly on its cost. Cheap electric razors last between three to five years. And expensive ones will last around seven years. 

You will have to replace the rechargeable batteries after a few months. If you forget your manual razor in a wet and steamy place, bacteria will grow on it quickly, and its blade will rust away. Throwing away plastic manual razors can add to the non-biodegradable waste and harm the environment.

Electric razors give you maximum comfort and convenience

“In a recent survey conducted during the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology in 2015, the majority of dermatologists agreed with the statement that electrical shavers that capture more hairs in one stroke are also more gentle to the skin.”

The blade of the electric razor is so safe that you will not have to worry about it cutting any part of your skin. It goes perfectly around every curve and contour of your legs. If you stretch your skin fully ahead of the blade, it gives a more favorable shave and results in an even smoother surface. 

To give the sensitive skin of your legs, maximum comfort, and safety, modern electric razors comprise thermoelectric cooling technology. When you are shaving the hair on your legs, the blood flow in your legs increases. The thermoelectric cooling technology will actively cool down the skin of your legs, thus preventing any burns, redness, or irritation. 

In the modern electric razors, the thermoelectric cooler is connected to an aluminium bar. When you are shaving the hair on your legs, this cooled aluminium bar with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, transports the heat away from your skin, giving you maximum comfort. 

You must replace the dull blades every eighteen months. Dull blades will pull the hair on your legs instead of trimming it. Timely replacements will help you avoid intense discomfort and poor performance. 

Safe to use with even water

Electric razors are fully waterproof and rustproof. You don’t have to worry about the electric shock when shaving the hair on your legs using water. This feature makes them versatile as they are good for both shaving in dry and wet conditions.

You must rinse your electric razor under cold, clean tap water after each use. This will prolong its life. You must choose the model that comes with an automated cleaning and charging station.

Never leave it submerged in your bathtub for a very long period of time. It is better to shave your legs in the shower instead. This will minimize the risk of damage to its fragile internal parts.

Suitable for kids and adults, women and men alike

Some manufacturers try to gather more customers by specifying their products by adding “for men”, “for women”, etc., to the title of the same thing. But there is in reality not a single difference between electric razors. You can buy one, and your entire family, adults, kids, men, and women can benefit from it equally. 


● How do I clean my electric razor?

Take off its cutting head after each use. Remove all the debris and loose hair using the brush. Rinse with tap water and make sure the blades are completely dry before storing it away as moisture leads to limescale deposits over time.

You must decrease your electric razor weekly as it collects the natural oils off your skin which eventually clogs up the motor. For deep and thorough degreasing, use electric razor cleaning spray. After using the spray, let it air dry to prevent the corrosion of its metal parts.

Lubricate it with an anti-corrosive razor lubricating oil. Remember that most electric razors come with at least twenty-four months of warranty. Get it repaired or replaced by a professional expert free of charge, by sending it back to the manufacturer.

Final remarks

So, to summarize this response post, yes, electric razors are really good for shaving your legs.

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